I came across a quote today that made me think about the special relationship that grandkids have with their grandparents. The quote was “There’s no place like home, except grandmas.” With my own grandkids, I’ve noticed that there is a special sparkle that appears in their eyes when we talk about going back to my apartment.

To be clear, there is nothing particularly special about my place. It’s a cosy, small apartment. I don’t have boxes full of toys or video games. When my grandkids come to visit, we are more likely to make necklaces or draw together than watch the latest Disney movie. My apartment is a place for laughter and hot chocolate, not watching TV.

There’s no place like home, except grandmas.

I guess that’s the point about “grandma’s place.” One of the reasons that our grandkids love to visit us is that we treat them differently. Unlike their parents, who are legitimately stressed with the pressures of everyday life, we can give our grandkids our full attention – even if just for a few hours.

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What do you do with your grandkids when they come to visit? What do you think it is about “grandma’s place” that makes it so special for our grandkids? Is it the activities that we do together? Or, is it the undivided attention that we give our grandkids? Or, is it just a change of scenery?

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