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Promote Positivity with 3 Tools that Interrupt and Conquer Thoughts That Limit Success

By T. Kari Mitchell April 28, 2021 Mindset

Sometimes when we set our sights on magnificent marks we want to target in this lifetime, we are confronted with distracting thoughts that can lure us off course and prevent us from experiencing success.

When this happens to you, don’t be discouraged! You’re not alone. Thoughts of inadequacy like, “I’m not good enough or smart enough” are common. Recognize that it’s just your monkey mind trying to mess with your mission. You wouldn’t be having these thoughts if you weren’t up to something important.

I used to allow my restless mind to manipulate me into sabotaging my plan and impeding my progress. Now I keep pessimistic mental chatter in check by employing three strategies, specifically designed to quell negative nagging and promote positivity in order to proceed with my intentions. Hopefully, these suggestions will support you, too.

Here are my 3 tools to interrupt and conquer beliefs that inhibit success.

Embrace Your God-Given Gifts

What do you love to do? What type of work makes you feel strong, powerful and confident? What types of activities seem like play because you can remain engaged all day without taking a break? This is what you focus on when self-doubt begins to rear its ugly head.

If you have difficulty identifying your strengths, sit in your quiet space over the next few days and reflect on those skills that come easily for you. Also, note conversations you’ve had with others regarding your genius. What have you been praised for over the years? Write your thoughts in a journal,and keep track of your feelings and emotions as you consider your choices.

Be grateful for your unique qualities. I believe we all come here with multiple gifts to explore and develop. Perhaps your task this year is to identify the skills that bring you the most joy and imagine how you can use them to inspire others.

Vow to Wow Others with Your Talents

Let’s reinforce the first tool. We are not here to hoard our gifts. Once you decide that your mission is not all about you, things begin to change. You no longer need to justify or make excuses about why you want to make a difference in the world. When you remove the personal profits or secondary agenda, you allow yourself more freedom to be you. It’s amazing how this works.

When I first started my business and was invited to speak about my program, I told myself I couldn’t eloquently deliver my message for fear of being judged. By withholding my truth, I unintentionally set myself up for failure with my limiting thoughts.

Once I realized that my life purpose wasn’t just about me – but about showing others how to live their best life – the self-imposed burdens were lifted, and I became more confident sharing my vision. Knowing your purpose muffles the monkey mumble, and your authentic voice begins to assume authority.

Being able to articulate your purpose underscores the basic question many people ask: Who am I, and what am I doing here? And most importantly, who am I beyond my fears and perceived limitations? In other words, acknowledging who you are on a deeper level will liberate you from debilitating illusions.

You are an amazing daughter of the universe sent here to love and to be of service to others. This realization helps to dissolve thoughts of inadequacy – because now your charge is no longer a singular, selfish mission, but instead a Divine appointment with a higher focus.

Affirm Your Why and Proclaim Your Power

Your thoughts and words have power. Capture this image: You are mighty beyond measure! Any other vision is a fake view of the real you. You are not here to play small. Create affirmations that support your authority. I realize that this takes time and practice, so let’s begin creating some affirmative statements together.

  • I have natural gifts and talents to share with the world.
  • My mind is free from self-doubt, and I am ready to welcome challenges that will stimulate my personal growth.
  • I shape my experience by speaking confidently and thinking courageously.

Now go ahead and personalize the affirmations that resonate with you, or create your own and begin reciting them this week.

Remember: The purpose of negative mind chatter is to keep you stuck. When you think objectively about thoughts that are smeared with fear, you’ll discover that they are powerless, unless you grant them access to your success.

Snap back with confidence! The next time you become distracted by limited belief patterns, apply these suggestions to help liberate you from the illusions of lack and limitations. The process requires faith and risk-taking, but the rewards are immense. Embrace your creative genius, share your gifts with others, and assert your power as an authority in your area of expertise.

What strategies have you used to combat thoughts that lure you off course? What are your natural talents and how have you used them to inspire others? Share a favorite saying or affirmation that inspires you.

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T. Kari Mitchell (TK), founder of Lifestyle 120, is an Inspired Aging Motivational Speaker & Integrative Wellness Coach. TK is dedicated to helping mature women flourish. Her Sprout Your New Life course provides women with tools to reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can rock their golden years. Connect with TK at

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