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Travel After 60: How A Themed Tour Can Be An Exciting Match For Your Passions!

By Sixty and Me March 05, 2019 Interviews

What do cooking shows, documentaries about history or architecture, or bird-watching have in common? You are bound to find a themed travel tour that can incorporate any one of these passions into a fascinating trip of a lifetime! If you’ve ever been curious to combine your particular interest with a travel adventure, you will really enjoy today’s video with Shila Desai.

In today’s Sixty and Me video Margaret Manning is joined by travel expert Shila Desai to explore different ways you can find a themed travel tour that gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge your passions as well!

Why Themed Travel Is Perfect Travel Style For Mature Women

One of the greatest blessings of getting older is getting to a point where we really feel like we know who we are. We stop apologizing or justifying our likes, dislikes, and passions and embrace them as being part of who we are.

A great way to dive into those interests a little further is to take it on the road! As Shila says, “Take that passion with you, pack it in your suitcase.” You might be surprised to find how many different themed travel tours there are – there certainly seems to be something for everyone!

What Is The Big Difference?

There is no guarantee the interests you want to delve into further will be the same as friends or partners that may be your usual travel companions. This is where a group, themed travel tour can really be the perfect fit.

Shila sees themed travel as taking a passion and viewing it through a different lens; however, trips for older women can be a bit daunting to organize so many women put it off entirely. Instead of sitting at home watching television programs or documentaries, themed travel tours give you the opportunity to explore your passions further in a group environment that feels safer than solo travel along with curated activities and venues.

What Is Out There?

When it comes to themed tours, let your imagination run wild! There is a big, wide world out there ready to explore, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to experience in more depth.

As Shila discusses in today’s Sixty and Me video, every destination has a main event, becoming frames that form the theme of your travel. For example, places like Sri Lanka, India, France, and Italy are synonymous with food. Turkey, Scotland, and Egypt are for great for travelers looking to explore historical sites and architecture. Travel for older women has never been more accessible than now!

How To Find Something To Suit You

You would be surprised where you might find inspiration for your next trip. Sometimes it comes through something as simple as a conversation with a friend, or following blogs.

Other times it can come from left-of-field – for example, in today’s interview, Margaret mentions her fascination with the way rivers have connected humanity through the ages. This interest might lead one to look at a travel tour such as a river cruise through the Danube.

Even if you think your interests are not all that fascinating, you might find ways to explore them further through surprising avenues!

What is your dream destination to further explore your favorite hobby? Have you tried a themed travel tour before? If you could do anything what theme would you choose? Let’s have a conversation!

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