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20 Essential Travel Apps for Women Over 60

By Sandra Roussy March 02, 2023 Travel

Are you planning a trip soon? Are you going somewhere new or returning to a familiar place? No matter where you are going, some prepping will be required.


It has never been easier to get ready for a trip as it is now with access to all the information we need right in the palm of our hands. Mobile apps are continuously being launched and the travel industry (and travelers) benefit immensely from these apps.

Here are our best 10 essential travel apps for women over 60:

  1. Booking.com
  2. Tripadvisor
  3. Packpoint
  4. TripCase
  5. Expedia
  6. Hopper
  7. Wanderu
  8. Google Flights
  9. Google Maps
  10. Waze

From the apps that help you book a room in a hotel, to the apps that keep you organized before and during the trip, there’s an app for practically everything. Many apps are free to use and contain in-app advertisements. Some apps have paid versions and offer more features.

As a solo female traveler, I can say that having access to travel apps on my phone has made traveling a lot easier. I remember the days with the folded-up paper map in my backpack, getting lost, looking for pay phones and mailboxes, and getting lost some more. I feel safer and better prepared now that I can use Google Maps to look up the area beforehand.

Travel Apps for Planning and Organizing

Booking flights, accommodations, car rentals, tours, attractions, and experiences is super easy with these apps.


Booking.com is an aggregator app that puts together lists of accommodations, flights, car rentals, tours, and more according to your travel details. It will help you find the best deals and you can book directly through the app.

Booking.com for Android

Booking.com for Apple

Trip Advisor

Trip advisor is an excellent app to research and find anything you need in your destination. You can read reviews from fellow travelers and also book through the app.

Tripadvisor for Android

Tripadvisor for Apple


PackPoint will help you sort and organize what you need to pack in your luggage. It will give you suggestions depending on the weather at your destination.

PackPoint for Android

PackPoint for Apple


TripCase is an app that will gather all your travel information (flight times, hotel reservations, car rentals, etc.) and put it all in one neat place.

TripCase for Android

TripCase for Apple


Expedia is a pioneer in the travel app industry. It is an aggregator app that helps you find the best prices for flights, accommodations, car rentals, and more.

Expedia for Android

Expedia for Apple


Hopper is a price tracker and predictor that will keep you informed on price fluctuations for flights and hotels.

Hopper for Android

Hopper for Apple


Wanderu is the app you need to search for and book bus and train tickets. It also offers flights and other means of transportation, but the app specializes in buses and trains.

Wanderu for Android

Wanderu for Apple

There are many more apps to help with travel planning, like Travelocity, Trivago, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Kayak, Priceline, etc.

Travel Apps for Flights

I always download the app for the carrier that I am flying with. That way I can purchase my tickets, do my self-check-in, get my boarding pass QR code, and keep up to date on my flights. Here is a short list of airline apps that I have used in the past and have had great experiences with:

Air Canada Android

Air Canada Apple

Alaska Airlines Android

Alaska Airlines Apple

American Airlines Android

American Airlines Apple

Delta Android

Delta Apple

Google Flights

You can use Google Flights to do research about flight schedules and pricing. They aggregate the various airlines and offer up the best options for you depending on the request you provided. I then typically book directly with the airlines and try not to go through a third party for plane tickets.

Google Flights for Android

Google Flights website


This app is a live flight tracker that lets you see planes around the world move in real-time on a detailed map.

FlightTracker24 for Android

FlightTracker24 for Apple

Travel Apps When on the Ground

Google Maps

One of the greatest apps, in my opinion, is Google Maps. The whole planet has almost completely been mapped out, street by street, by Google photographers. It’s also a GPS and will give you alternative routes and ETAs (by car, motorcycle, bus, walking, bicycle, or plane).

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Apple

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Another great GPS app is Waze. It lets you know, in real-time, what’s happening on the road while you are driving. Waze notifies you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, potholes, and more. Waze is a user-built app, meaning that the users input information as things are happening.

Waze for Android

Waze for Apple

My Currency Converter

My Currency Converter app will quickly and easily convert over 150 currencies for you.

My Currency Converter for Android

My Currency Converter for Apple

Google Translate

Don’t speak the language? Install the Google Translate app to communicate and understand the local language.

Google Translate for Android

Google Translate for Apple

Say Hi

Say Hi is another translation app that I like to use when traveling. It translates in real-time and lets you have a conversation in two different languages. Just tap the button and start speaking.

Say Hi for Android

Say Hi for Apple

Culture Trip

Culture Trip is great to learn about the destinations you are visiting. It has curated articles to read, and it also offers multi-day trip packages all over the world.

Culture Trip for Android

Culture Trip for Apple


Uber is a way to request rides wherever you are in the world. It’s great when traveling because you don’t have to deal with the local currency (the payment is processed with your debit or credit card), and the trip info is typed in so you don’t have to worry about communication issues with the driver.

Uber for Android

Uber for Apple

Happy Cow

Happy Cow is the app that will help you find vegetarian and vegan options in your area.

Happy Cow for Android

Happy Cow for Apple


Yelp is a crowd-sourced app where travelers leave their honest reviews and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, stores, services, and more.

Yelp for Android

Yelp for Apple

Travel Apps to Keep You Safe

Smart Traveler

The Smart Traveler app is for traveling US citizens. The app keeps you informed on international news, travel advisories, U.S. embassy locations, and more.

Smart Traveler for Android

Smart Traveler for Apple

Trip Whistle

Trip Whistle has a database of emergency numbers in over 200 countries. It lets you dial local police, fire, and ambulance in one touch.

Trip Whistle for Apple



Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you use travel apps? Which ones are your favorites? Will you try any that are on my list? What has been your experience with travel apps? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Gwen Higgins

Rome2RIo very good for travel planning as gives options of how to travel( plane, bus or train, taxi, walking etc) and approximate costs for each – very handy for knowing costs of taxi from airport to hotel in cities you may be visiting for s
first time.


I was surprised this app.was not on the list. It is better than Google for seeing your options.


Good to know! Thanks!

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