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Unbelievably Cozy Clothes and Useful Accessories to Try this Winter

By Margaret Manning December 09, 2013 Makeup and Fashion

Winter can be a difficult time of year for fashion – often it seems like women spend the entire winter season bundled up under many layers of scarves, hats, heavy boots and puffy coats. Fortunately, if you want to preserve your sense of beauty and style even during the bleakest weather of the year, there are a variety of options for cozy clothing and winter accessories for women that keep the fun of fashion alive – without busting your budget.

Make Your Own

Nothing says “cozy clothing” like a hand-knitted scarf, mittens or other personalized item! Knitting is becoming more popular as more women (and men, too) are discovering ways to save money on clothes while developing a useful skill to pass the time.

Buy Vintage

Some of the coziest clothing in the world can be found at thrift stores and consignment shops. You might find the ideal sweater or leggings or classic styles of dresses, and at a fraction of the price you would pay for new items in a “regular” retail store. Shopping for vintage clothes can also be a great way to find cozy clothing and winter accessories – some of the most stylish winter fashions go back decades, and comfortable winter clothes never go out of style.

Make Winter Safety a Matter of Style

Winter can be a tricky time of year for even doing such simple things as leaving the house or walking down stairs – with ice and snow, it can be treacherous for people of all ages, but particularly for women over 60, especially if we’re dealing with limited mobility or other health challenges. But you don’t have to stay cooped up indoors all winter – perhaps you can make safe winter walking into a subtle fashion statement. For example, you could get a walking stick with a spike on the end, or a spiked attachment/ice cleats for your shoes. Be safe and be stylish – all at the same time!

Wear a Fun Winter Hat

Winter is an ideal time for wearing stylish hats – and this is a great way for women over 60 in particular to add a flourish of fashion to their daily life. Visit the Style Crone blog for inspiration on which hats to suit your personality and sense of style. I did an interview with Judith Boyd, the fashionista behind the Style Crone blog – check it out for more ideas on how to nurture and express your inner beauty!

Buy from Crafters and Artisans on

You don’t have to be limited to the selection at big retailers or small local consignment shops – the Internet makes it possible to get wonderful cozy clothing and fashion ideas from small artisans, artists, knitters and crafters all over the world.

Visit handmade shops on for inspiration and to purchase very unique and individualized items, everything from hats to scarves to hair accessories – this site has offerings that you will find nowhere else.

It’s more possible than ever before for women over 60 to find comfortable clothes and winter accessories that still help them express their individuality with a sense of fashion and flair. We’re not limited to frumpy, baggy, shapeless, colorless things – we can still make fashion fun at any season of the year – or any season of our lives.

What are your favorite winter accessories for women? Where did you get your latest fun fashion find? Leave a comment and let us know.

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