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Fitness Over 60 for Complete Beginners

Women everywhere are challenging stereotypes and creating a new definition of aging. We are embracing fitness over 60 and looking for new ways to stay healthy – in mind, body, and spirit. Getting older used to mean inevitable physical weakness and mental decline. However, new research shows that women can stay healthy and get stronger and mentally sharp as they get older.

Whether you have specific goals to increase your physical stamina and mental clarity or just want to be more active and able to live life with energy and verve, here are some ideas for staying in shape.

Make it Fun

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. Instead it should be a part of your day that you look forward to, something that you love to do. Whether you want to take a yoga class, run with a friend, or start a new sport that you’ve never tried before, the key to a successful fitness routine is that is it does not become “routine.” If you’re energized and excited by integrating new things into your exercise activities, you’ll be more likely to keep doing them.

Make it Social

For women over 60 living alone, there are more ways than ever to stay connected to the people you care about. Keeping physically fit can be a “social” activity as well. Instead of getting together with friends to eat a high-calorie dinner and drink alcohol, why not look for occasions where you can meet friends to enjoy active outdoor activities like hiking, biking or walking.

Making exercise into a social activity and having shared goals will motivate you to set goals and keep moving – more frequently and purposefully than you might have done on your own.

Make it an Adventure

Staying in shape does not have to be an everyday “routine” done only at the gym in the city where you live. Staying in shape can reflect your overall spirit of adventure.

Do you love to travel and do yoga? Go on a yoga tour. Do you love to run, well what about taking part in a special “fun run” that is more than just a race? Sign up for a special themed 5K run like the “Color Run” or the “Electric Run,” a high-energy 5K run enhanced with music and a light show.

Keep Eating Healthy

Exercise is complemented by a healthy diet and by adding a variety of healthy supplements to your routine. Making sure sensible balanced eating is part of your overall diet and taking your vitamins is not just important for children, it’s important for women over 60 as well.

Stay Positive

As discussed in this article about the importance of positive thinking, looking on the “bright side” can help women over 60 get more exercise! Studies have shown that older adults are more likely to keep going to the gym if they have an overall positive attitude toward life and toward physical activity.

Creating a fitness plan that makes you feel good (and keeps you feeling motivated to go back) is a virtuous cycle – the better you feel, the easier it is to be positive, and the more positive you feel, the easier it is to keep staying active and strong!

What do you think the secret to fitness over 60 is? What is your favorite way to stay in shape? What is surprising for you about exercising and doing sports after age 60, compared to other stages of life? Please join the conversation.

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