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We Love These Makeup for Older Women Tips from Joan Collins!

By Sixty and Me February 26, 2018 Makeup and Fashion

Joan Collins is 84 fabulous years young. Over the course of her acting career, she has always made a point of looking vibrant and fashionable. As a result, she is a source of amazing makeup tips for women older women!

Joan has clearly paid close attention to all the secrets makeup artists have shared with her over the years. She even has her own makeup line.

In an article in the UK’s Daily Mirror, Joan recently shared some of her makeup tips. I loved the recommendations and wanted to share her insights with our community.

And, since so many of her tips aligned with what I have heard from my good friend, Ariane Poole, I thought that I would add a few of her tips into the mix too.

First, let’s start with Joan Collins’ makeup for older women tips.

Wear Bright and Bold Lips

Joan encourages older women to not be afraid of color on their lips. She recommends wearing bright colored lipstick, as long as the tone is right. Bright red is her personal choice and it matches her hair perfectly.

You can see her own Divine Lips Lipstick here.

Go for Wide Open Eyes

Dark circles can really age a woman’s face. Joan says that she deals with her puffy eyes by soaking cotton pads in a bowl of ice before placing them over her eyes for a few minutes. Great tip!

Use Silver as an Eye Highlighter

At Sixty and Me, we tend to steer clear of anti-aging promises. But, if any tips can make us look and feel more vibrant, I’m all for them!

Apparently, Joan likes to use a metallic silver eyeshadow right in the middle of her eyelids, to give her eyes a brighter look. I’m going to give this a try and I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Brush on Luscious Lashes

Big voluminous eye lashes are super important for Joan Collins. For her, bright, wide eyes can make a big difference on an aging face. This draws attention upwards to her beautiful eyes, the window to the soul.

Always Choose Multitasking Makeup

Like Joan, I am a huge fan of makeup that is good for the skin. We both always look for products with UV filers and ingredients that enhance collagen production.

Apply Makeup with a Lift

When applying makeup, Joan says that she always uses upward strokes. Her technique is to always apply blush and eye products in an upward movement.

If you try this, be careful not to pull the skin around the eyes downward as you are applying eyeshadow and concealer.

How Does Joan’s Makeup for Older Women Advice Compare to Ariane Poole’s?

I want to be clear that Ariane did not contribute to this article. So, any mistakes or misunderstandings are mine alone. And any advice that you do like… we’ll let give Ariane all the credit!

That said, based on the dozens of makeup for older women videos that I have recorded with Ariane, I can see how her advice and Joan’s are quite similar!

Ariane’s Advice for Lips

Like Joan, Ariane says that, as our skin color changes in our 60s, we should avoid wishy washy colors.

In addition, like Joan, Ariane suggests that we go for the darker burgundies and red lipstick. Just nix the heavy gloss and know the undertone of your lips in order find the right shade.

What About Eyes?

Puffy eyes and dark circles are a big priority for Ariane as well. In fact, one of her favorite tricks for applying concealer (low on the eye not right under the rim) works every time for her celebrity clients.

In this video, Ariane gives a little demonstration on how to deal with dark circles.


Ariane’s Advice for Metallic Highlights

Ariane and I often talk about applying metallic products and she agrees that as a highlight and not all over color is the best approach.

She also seems to agree with Joan that sparkle should be used in moderation on older faces and not as part of the foundation or blush.

What About Lashes?

In one of our interviews, Ariane said that eyelashes were the only thing we should want to be super fat in our 60s.

The only mascaras she recommends are volumizing products, so she appears to be in total agreement with Joan Collins on this point too.

Skincare and Makeup for Older Women

Ariane takes a strong interest in skincare and has shared many of her secrets in our videos. She is a strong believer that beautiful skin is healthy skin. She always insists on choosing foundations that have at least 30SPF sunscreen and if possible 50SPF.

Tips for Applying Makeup After 60

You only have to watch Ariane at work to know that she supports the idea that every stroke on the face when applying makeup should be upward.

She is also famous for the Ariane “tap,” which is the way she applies concealer under the eyes.

So, from the celebrity to the celebrity makeup artist, we have agreement on some makeup tips for older women that can make us look more rested, vibrant and full of life.

Do you still like to play with makeup? What are your favorite makeup or skincare products? What do you think of Joan Collins’ makeup for older women advice? Let’s have a chat!

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