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What Are the Best New Grandma Gifts? You May Be Surprised!

By Sixty and Me December 21, 2021 Lifestyle

As a new grandmother (for the second time), I have had the opportunity to think about some of the things that were missing in my “Baba Bag” or “Grandmother Survival Kit!”

Of course, I was happy to receive helpful books and traditional grandmother gifts, but there were a few things that, on reflection, I really would have loved as a new grandma gift.

If you are a young parent reading this article – or perhaps your mom or mother-in-law has forwarded it to you – here are my suggestions for some great gifts for new grandmothers.

Hopefully, you will find these ideas creative, fun, and affordable.

Help Everyone Get Some Rest with a Sleepy Baby Lullabies CD

Sleepy Baby Lullabies

When singing to my new grandson, I got through “Hush little baby… mamas gonna buy you a mockingbird.” Then, I completely forgot the dog named Rover and the looking glass turning brass! Easy mistake!

For most new grandmas, including myself, it has been 20-30 years since we had to sing to our own children. So, the words aren’t always top of mind. But we still want to sing to our grandkids.

So, why not consider giving the gift of a CD of baby lullabies. There are lots of options to consider online that do a great job of filling in the gaps.

With a CD to learn from, the special grandma in your family will be able to sing all the verses of “Over the Rainbow” and “When You’re Smiling” with ease.

If you don’t want to spend the cash for a baby lullabies CD, you could also record your own… and, as a bonus, you will learn the words to all of the most popular children’s songs at the same time!

Bonus tip! When my grandson arrived early and was in the NICU for 4 weeks, I recorded an mp3 of me singing my favorite lullabies. My son played it to my grandson every day, and it made me feel wonderful to be connected to him, even though I couldn’t visit.

Consider a Fun Apron for the New Grandma in Your Family

Fun Apron

If you’ve ever been given the task of feeding a small baby, no item of clothing is sacred. I tend to wear things that are indestructible… but why not give grandma the gift of a fabulous, fun, colorful apron?

Then, when feeding time arrives, she can wrap it around herself and relax. Without fear of spoiling her clothes, she will be able to experience the fun of watching pieces of baby food flying in the air.

Flirty Aprons have some great ideas for fun and frivolous aprons.

Get Her a Book of Daily Meditations

Book of Daily Meditations

My son and his wife bought me a new grandma present that I really loved. It was a deck of daily inspiration cards.

The transition to being a new grandma is a journey for the baby, parents, and grandparents. These cards give me great ideas every day and help me to treasure the gift of life and appreciate my new role.

The set they gave me was The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. I thought it was a lovely gift!

Get Her a New Grandma Mug

Mugs are not always the best gift, but mugs for new grandmas may be an exception!

For most new grandmas, looking after a baby involves a lot of coffee. This is especially true when you are asked to look after your grandson or granddaughter early in the morning!

So, why not give the new grandma in your life a personalized mug?

You can go to sites like Zazzle and Café Press to customize one just for her or what about this mug that says “I’m a Grandma, What’s Your Superpower?”

New Grandma Mug

Or you can personalize the mug with a picture of her new grandchild. I honestly can’t get enough of seeing mine!

Help Her Reflect with a “Book of Me”

Book of Me

Being a grandma reminds you of raising your own children. So, another great gift might be a book that helps her to think through and connect all of the pieces of her life.

This way, she can record her thoughts about her new grandchildren, while reminiscing on the time that she spent with her own children.

One book that I have personally used is called The Book of Me. It gently guides you to tell your story through surprisingly insightful questions.

Give Her a Place to Store Her Memories

Place to Store Her Memories

I don’t have a single picture of myself and my grandparents. Now, with every device that we own also acting as a camera, it is almost assured that grandma’s life is going to be full of photos!

Of course, there are plenty of places that you can store your digital pictures online. But there is something about beautiful paper scrapbooks that make recorded memories even more special!

You could buy a scrapbook online or give her a scrapbooking book to help her get inspired to create her own.

Grandmother’s Brag Board

Grandmother’s Brag Board

Another excellent way to share and display your little one’s photos is on a Grandma brag board. What a unique way to keep the grandchildren close at heart.

The photos can be easily changed as the grandchildren grow. When she gets new photos, she can simply pin them on her board.

Burlap Children’s names and Birthdates

Burlap Children’s names and Birthdates

Make sure grandma never misses a birthday. This beautiful personalized burlap frame print has each important name and day that the grandchildren were born.

Leatherette Tumbler

Leatherette Tumbler

For the grandma on the go! A tumbler for her coffee or favorite beverage to-go. Printed with “World’s Greatest Grandma With World’s Greatest Grandkids” and adding the grandchildren’s names and a personal message.

Grandmother’s Birthstone Necklace

Grandmother's Birthstone Necklace

This family tree necklace with each grandchild’s birthstone is simply beautiful. Add more birthstones as grandma is gifted with more grandchildren through the years.

Wine Glass for Grandma

Wine Glass for Grandma

This fun and quirky stemless wine glass is the perfect gift for the wine-loving grandmothers out there. Cheers grandma!

Multi-functional Baby Travel Cot

What about a truly practical gift? Most grandparents love to babysit the grandchildren now and then, but no longer have any appropriate baby sleeping areas or toys. This portable travel cot includes a changing station for easy diaper duty, a safe place for your baby to sleep and some play toys to keep them occupied.  Best of all, it can be easily folded and stored between visits. 

One Last Option – and It’s a Little Extreme!


When my grandson was born, his parents went out and bought an iPhone for the family. They didn’t need a new phone, but they wanted to have the best possible camera phone with which to record their son’s first year of life.

While not everyone will be able to afford it, I wanted to offer this as an option. If the new grandma in your family is walking around with a Nokia 3310, why not consider getting her a phone with a better camera?

It doesn’t have to be the latest iPhone. You can get a previous generation iPhone on eBay and the pictures that it takes will still be great!

This will help her to take plenty of pictures for the family. In addition, you will be able to share apps like “Find My Friends,” baby trackers, and others!

Did you receive any gifts when you were a new grandma? What do you think are the best new grandma gifts? Let’s have a chat!

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