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What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees?

By Margaret Manning February 22, 2016 Managing Money

As the careers that supported us for decades come to an end, many of us are starting to think about jobs for retirees. It’s not just the money that we care about, although this is certainly important! It’s also the sense of purpose that comes from contributing to society in a tangible way.

Many of us are also concerned that we may become socially isolated in retirement. Finding a part-time job is a fantastic way to continue to stay socially connected. It also exposes us to people from multiple age-groups, which is fantastic for the aging brain!

Where Are All the Jobs for Retirees?

This raises a couple of interesting questions though. What are the best jobs for retirees and where can we find them?

Of course, the simple answer is “it depends on your skills and experience.” That’s all well and good, but, I suspect that many of us are interested I doing something different. In addition, after decades working as lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals, retail managers and teachers, many of us are looking for less stressful options.

In a previous article, I compiled a list of 9 fun part-time jobs for retirees. The options that I listed ranged from gardening to writing. But, to be honest, these were just the ideas that popped into my head. In reality, there are no limitations to the jobs that we can do in retirement.

So, this is where I would love to get your help. I would like us to create the biggest and best list of potential jobs for retirees on the Internet. My hope is that people searching for jobs for retirees will find this list and feel empowered to make all of their dreams come true.

If you have found a fun job in retirement, please add it to the list. Or, if you just have fun ideas for jobs for retirees, we’d love to hear these too!

What do you think are the best jobs for retirees and why? Can you think of one potential job to add to our list? Please take a few minutes to join the conversation

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