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What I Love Most About My Sixty and Me Sisters

By Margaret Manning February 03, 2019 Lifestyle

Every woman in the Sixty and Me community is unique and wonderful. In many ways, our diversity is our strength. We share a similar cultural background and many of the same experiences.

At the same time, our individual backgrounds are filled with beautifully complex stories – some of which are joyful and others of which are heartbreaking.

The women in our community live in over 150 countries and speak many languages. Some of us are married. Others are single. Some of us love to travel. Others prefer to stay close to home. Some women in the community are going grey gracefully. Others couldn’t imagine life without their blond, brown or pink hair.

The One Thing that Ties Together the Women in the Sixty and Me Community is…

For five years, I have struggled to figure out why the Sixty and Me community works as well as it does. With so many different opinions out there, shouldn’t our discussions become arguments? Then, while I was on a retreat in the south of France, I finally found the answer.

The Sixty and Me community is tied together by basic human kindness.

We are all fundamentally good people. We embrace and believe in basic human kindness. In fact, we probably wouldn’t have made it this far in life if we hadn’t learned how to treat others well. This, in my opinion, is why the women in our community support each other, even though we are so different.

Of course, life after 60 is no bed of roses. All of us get discouraged, from time to time. We may even lose our faith in the basic goodness of others. But, here, in the Sixty and Me community, we come together to support each other. We recognize that the journey through life after 60 is better when we have each other. That’s the most important thing.

Now is the Time to Bring Our Kindness Into the World

In a world filled with so many problems, being a good person on the inside is not enough. We need to bring our kindness into the world in tangible ways. This could include starting a business, working as a volunteer, mentoring someone, sharing a skill or just being a shoulder for someone to cry on.

Compared to the population of the world, we are a small group. Still, kindness has to start somewhere. With 500,000 women in our community, we can be a powerful voice for change.

Let’s use Sixty and Me to build our kindness muscles! Here are five ways we can share the power of human kindness with each other.

Just be nice

It’s totally ok to have a point of view but let’s try to bring the conversation to the level where the dialog is a “yes, and” and not a “yes, but.”

Focus on compassion

Remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. If you see someone who is struggling with a difficult situation or is lacking in self-esteem say a kind word or two.

Use goodness as a compass for your actions

Define your boundaries, beliefs, and values – but build on the common groups that we share.

Embrace diversity

No matter our religious, political or cultural differences, we all share the capacity for goodness and human kindness. Use this as a starting point to understanding.

Cultivate understanding

Do not live on the edges of misinformation. The more informed you are, the better you will be able to understand others’ perspectives.

As we work to make our community stronger, let’s continue to have an active dialogue. At the same time, let’s make Sixty and Me a place that nurtures and supports as much as it teaches. We have so much that we can learn from each other.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being one of my Sixty and Me sisters! Thank you for your basic human kindness!

What is your name and where are you from? Please introduce yourself to your Sixty and Me sisters. You are surrounded by love and acceptance!

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