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What’s the Best Eye Makeup for Mature Women? We Have Answers!

By Sixty and Me February 18, 2019 Interviews

There are tons of eye products that we can choose from to enhance our looks. But do we know how and where to apply them? Celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole is here today to discuss the best techniques and products she has encountered. Enjoy the show!

Eye Makeup for Mature Women: Don’t Leave Out the Liner

It’s only a myth that women over 60 shouldn’t wear eye liner. The truth is that eye liner actually draws attention to our eyes and gives them more of a structured shape, so it’s important that we finally make peace with this tricky-to-apply product.

In this video, Ariane shows us a new application process that she recently stumbled upon using a magnifying mirror. Holding the mirror below her chin, Ariane looks down and applies her eye liner by holding the liner pencil parallel to her eye lid and gently sweeping the tip across her lash line. You can also simply press the length of your liner tip (not the point) into your lash line, as well.

Add Volume to Your Lashes with a Heated Eye Lash Curler

Heated eye lash curlers are a newer product and the technology used is not to be confused with a heated curling iron. Heated eye lash curlers do not produce the same kind of heat and they cannot burn your skin or your eyes.

Simply apply mascara as usual, hold the curler underneath your lash, and curl upward. It’s that easy to achieve fuller, longer, more shapely lashes.

Highlight Your Eyes

Applying a touch of an ivory highlighter underneath the outer end of the brow can really bring definition to a flat eye. Avoid a product with too much shimmer and do not use this trick if you have deep set eyes. The idea is to make the eyes pop without making the brow bones too prominent or the eyes from looking sunken in.

Brighten Up the Area Under Your Eyes

Conventional eye creams are great for replenishing tired eyes overnight, but, if worn in the day time, these creams can cause makeup to disintegrate. Ariane suggests using a firming eye cream such as Ariane Poole’s Firming Cream Concentration for Eyes or Estee Lauder’s Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm to help firm and tighten skin, making eyes appear fresh and well rested.

Just lightly pat the cream under the eye and over the cheek bone before applying your makeup. You can also apply it after your makeup is applied if you feel you need a touch more of hydration. These creams also help soften fine lines above the lip so don’t be afraid to try it there, as well.

If you prefer a powder to a cream, Ariane also suggests using an under-eye face brightener like the one she offers here. This “magic fairy dust” of cosmetics will not cake or clump in those fine lines, but will brighten, refresh, and revive your complexion.

What technique do you use for applying eyeliner? Is there any particular type of product that you have given up on – or one you would like to try? What do you think is the best eye makeup for mature women? Please join the conversation!

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