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What’s the Best Thing About Getting Older?

By Margaret Manning December 06, 2015 Mindset

If you had to form your opinion about getting older, based just on what you saw in the movies, you would be terrified of every birthday. Actually, come to think of it, this is exactly what happens to most people.

Why Can’t We Talk About Getting Older?

Because aging is a taboo subject, they don’t ask their parents and grandparents what it is really like. Instead they rely in a mishmash of half-remembered TV soundbites, one-sided elderly jokes and oversimplified quotes about aging.

The truth is that getting older is nothing to be feared. In fact, there are many reasons to believe that life in your 60s and 70s can be the best time of your life.

Do we have to deal with little inconveniences from time to time? Of course! Are most of us concerned about our financial situation? You bet! Do our bodies sometimes feel creaky and stiff? Yep! But, all these things are just a part of life. In fact, you could argue that we dealt with far greater inconveniences as young women.

The Shocking Truth About Getting Older

The truth is that life after 60 is MUCH better than people think it is. With our kids out of the house, we are finally able to focus on our passions. We are also, generally speaking, in much better physical shape than the world thinks we are. We worry about money, but, unlike previous generations, we can choose to continue to work past retirement age.

If I’m honest, I spent much of my life worrying about getting older. Like many women, I fell for the “anti-aging” hype in my younger years. I dyed my hair, not because I thought it looked good, but, because I was afraid what my coworkers would think of me if I let my hair go grey. Did you do the same?

As older women, I believe that we have a responsibility to start changing the narrative about aging.

We can start by sharing what we love about getting older with our daughters, granddaughters and younger friends. We can also use communities like Sixty and Me to get the word out.

In fact, that is exactly what I want to do next. I’d love to hear your thoughts on getting older. Let’s start a conversation!

What do you think is the best thing about getting older? What was one fear that you had about aging when you were younger? How do you feel about that fear now?

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