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What’s the Magic Word? How Giving Up New Year’s Resolutions Could Enrich Your Life

By Marcia Smalley January 03, 2020 Lifestyle

As the calendar page turns, many of us are once again making resolutions. We’re clarifying our intentions for the year ahead. We’re contemplating our dreams.

In January (or any time) it’s important to devote energy to whatever rings truest in our hearts. That’s what carries us through the fires and storms that invariably test us.

While traditional New Year’s resolutions are well intentioned, they can also bring a lot of pressure. They can set us up for disappointment if we don’t follow through.

But we don’t have to give up on making a fresh start. Instead, we can try another approach for creating a promising new year.

There’s Power in a One-Word Promise

When we replace a New Year’s resolution with a single word, the results can be empowering. We’re given both laser focus and an open playing field. How that word is made manifest throughout the year can delight us, surprise us, and show us that anything is possible.

Last year at this time, I promised myself connection… to myself, to others, to the work I do.

I was presented with so many ways to connect that I needed to prioritize them, a good problem to have. My horizons broadened. My circles widened. My world shifted a little.

And I became a believer in One Word Magic. It’s something that’s available to all of us.

Select Your Magic Word

It all starts with one word. You might know what it is right away. But don’t be discouraged if you need to wiggle it free.

Brainstorm a list of the words you’d consider this year. Don’t edit yourself – just see what comes through.

Choose one word. If your list is full of juicy options, take a moment and a deep breath. Then pick the one that really resonates with you.

Consider how your life would be richer if you lived that word. How would things be different? What might you experience if that word guided your decisions and thoughts this year?

Allow Your Promise to Unfold

Open yourself, your life, to that one word. Play with it for at least a few months. Resist the urge to replace it with another one.

Watch for synchronicities. Divine coincidences. The Universe is always conspiring in our favor. All we need to do is pay attention.

Enjoy what happens! The outcomes might amaze you. They might feel like wishes being granted before you even ask. Or growth opportunities you never saw coming.

A one-word promise may not sound like much. But when we make that promise to ourselves, it can be life enhancing. And if we hold it close and embody it whenever we can, it just might be enough to make a New Year dream come true.

What is your “magic word” for this year? How do you hope your life changes and expands as a result of that word? Join the conversation!

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