When it comes to ageism in Hollywood, the winds of change may soon become a hurricane. Over the last few years, numerous celebrities, including Antonio Banderas and Madonna have spoken out against the evils of ageism. Of course, age discrimination is not limited to Hollywood. Far from it! But, having a few powerful voices on our side can’t hurt.

As with women from all walks of life, female celebrities face an enormous amount of pressure to “stay young.” As a result, it’s refreshing to see so many of them pushing back against aging stereotypes and refusing to retire from life on the big screen.

Who is Your Favorite Actress Over 50?

On screen, older actresses continue to inspire and entertain. Judy Dench was arguably the best M of the entire James Bond Series. Sigourney Weaver has almost as many films to her name as years behind her and is working on “Alien 5” and three new “Avatar” movies now. At 63, Meryl Streep has 3 upcoming films, including Suffragette, which will release in 2015.

Off the screen, actresses over 50 are refusing to be invisible and are speaking out on a number of age-related issues. Madonna is challenging ageism in all of its forms. Susan Sarandon, until a few months ago, was in a long-term relationship with a man decades younger than her.

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Here is a short video that I recorded on the topic of actresses over 50.

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