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Why Not Now at Any Age? 4 Questions to Help Stimulate Positive Change in Your Life After 60

By Robin Griffiths March 09, 2021 Mindset

I recently read the book Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven. This inspiring read is about lessons the author learned from basic SEAL training.

McRaven uses his experience to teach how these life lessons can help anyone become a better person and change the world. The book is short, direct, and moving.

After finishing this read, I thought about how we all are capable of these changes but don’t apply ourselves for many reasons. For some of us, it is harder as we age. We can lose direction or become complacent.

Others may think it’s too late to change. Sometimes I believe we need either a direction or a plan. Many times, we plan then get stuck moving to the next step. We are fearful to ask for help and we quit before we reach our desired goal.

If any of this sounds familiar you are not alone. We meet adversity each day because we run into these difficulties. We can get discouraged and stuck.

Don’t Have a Plan?

Begin with small things you can accomplish each day. McRaven talks about making your bed as a good way of starting the day with an accomplishment. It is easy to put off the small things in our life but why not do it now and have it done?

By accomplishing these little tasks, although they may not seem significant, you are creating a pattern of discipline. And the bonus is, you are not letting chores pile up and become overwhelming.

Sometimes you need to have a checklist to stay on track. You can establish habits over time but the point of doing these tasks is to set your attitude for the day and the future.

Don’t Know What to Do Next?

If you need help to plan for your future think about where you would like to see yourself in the next year. Perhaps you are thinking of a trip or volunteer work when Covid is no longer a factor. You may be creative and can begin a new venture into a different lifestyle with art.

Make notes of the steps you would need to take to move in that direction. Once you have the idea, take small steps each day towards that path. With each accomplishment add more to the plan, and before you realize it, you will have gained new habits and become much more organized.

Need a Helping Hand?

Speaking of planning, it would be prudent to mention that finding collaboration can be helpful. So often we try doing everything on our own. Either for fear of looking weak, or not wanting to hear another’s opinion, we miss opportunities to learn.

Remember, getting input does not mean you are to follow the advice. You are gathering information you possibly don’t see. Other people’s input can also make your task easier to achieve.

The power of having good friendships, according to a 2017 Harvard study, reduces stress, promotes better overall well-being, and is important to our mental health.

Do You Know Your Reasons?

So often we start a journey with great intentions and get derailed along the way. Changing our life is hard, and it’s easy to get discouraged and give up. Stop every so often and go back to why you started this plan. Remind yourself why it’s important to you.

Perhaps you need to adjust to continue. Many times, I see good intentions do not keep a person on track. They second-guess themselves and often will give up.

To help you understand that we all have these moments, I would recommend you read about some famous individuals who had to overcome many failures and rejections but kept true to their dreams and stayed on their path.

Take time to read about Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, JK Rowling, Jim Carey, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Dr, Seuss, and Steve Jobs. I believe you will find them inspiring, and perhaps their stories will be helpful to keep you from giving up on your journey.

Begin today with the little things like making your bed to start the change for the future. Why not now? I will refer you to the quote from James Allen, “For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?”

So, why not you? What little things can you change in your day that will bring more positivity in your life? Do you have a plan for the next year? Do you find you are often second-guessing yourself? Please share your thought below, and let’s all join in the conversation.

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The Author

Robin Anne Griffiths has spent a lifetime working in the media field. She is a published author and a certified master development coach. As an ACE personal trainer and movement instructor for senior populations, Robin works with groups and individuals on life transitions for self-improvement and to create personal balance, physically and mentally. You can reach her on her website at

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