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Living life after 60 involves a little - or a lot - of change. It all depends on your preferences. Taking in account your interests, you can have so much fun. Enjoy this category of articles to learn about technology, hobbies, books, entertainment and more!

9 years ago

How to Choose a Roommate After 60 – Advice from the Golden Girls Network (Video)

One potential solution to the problem of loneliness in retirement is finding a roommate. But, if you are like most of us, you don’t want just any roommate – you want someone who shares your interests and is fun to live with. Read More

9 years ago

Why Are More Women Over 60 Looking for a Roommate? (Video)

Are you wondering where to live in retirement? Are you thinking about finding a roommate after 60? Then, this video interview is for you! Read More

9 years ago

Introducing the Golden Girls Network – Find Happiness and Make Friends as an Older Adult (Video)

When it comes to senior housing, there are so many options available! One option that is growing in popularity among women over 60 is choosing to live with a roommate. But, how can you find someone who is fun to share your house with? The answer may be the Golden Girls network. Read More

9 years ago

So, You’re Ready to Sell Your Crafts Online – Here’s How to Market Them

In previous articles, we have discussed many aspects of selling your handmade items online. First, we started with an explanation of how to improve your crafting skills. Then we discussed how to decide which items to create. In the last article we covered where to sell your items online. And, now, in this final article in our craftpreneur series, I would like to cover how to find customers. Read More

9 years ago

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Write a Book After 60

“I am of the firm belief that everybody could write books and I never understand why they don’t.” Beryl Bainbridge

As a writing coach and author, I do understand why. The two main reasons are related: lack of confidence in what they have to say, and not knowing how to start. That is why I set aside time to write a step by step guide that would lead a first-time writer through the whole process of planning, researching, writing, publishing and selling their own book. Read More

9 years ago

Boomers, Would You Like to Take a Space Trip?

Most baby boomers remember the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing like it was yesterday. In fact, you could argue that this significant event represents much of what is unique about our generation. We saw, during out most pivotal years, that anything is possible. For boomers, the sky, most definitely, was not the limit. For better or for worse, we went on to challenge the status-quo at every stage of our lives. Read More

9 years ago

Making Friends as an Adult – How to Look Past “Accidental” Friendships

Have you ever thought about the fact that, for most of our lives, the majority of our friends are “accidental?” When we are children, we choose our friends from among the other kids in our classes. When we join the workforce, our colleagues form the backbone of our social life. When we become parents, our life becomes an intricate dance of sports events, sleep overs camping trips and family dinners. Read More

9 years ago

Weird and Wacky Uses for Common Kitchen Items

Kitchens are wonderful places. They are full of magic ingredients and can transform a meal and a family. Read More

9 years ago

Are Older People Really “Anti-Technology?”

In many ways, Baby Boomers were the first generation to experience constant technological change. In the 1950s and 60s, household devices focused on convenience and productivity were already well established. In the following decades the rate of change has only accelerated. Read More

9 years ago

Who Was the Best President of Your Lifetime? Baby Boomer Poll

Since 1946, when the first baby boomers were born, to today, our generation has seen a lot of presidents. We’ve witnessed war and peace, scandals and, occasionally, true political dignity. Over the last 71 years, we have experienced long periods where “our” party held power – and, we have held our breath while “the other guys” had their time in the sun. Read More