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Exercise Over 60: Work Your Body to Relax Your Mind

By Margaret Manning February 08, 2017 Health and Fitness

It’s easy to think of your body as being completely separate from your brain. After all, your emotions and thoughts feel very different than the sensations in your body.

The reality is that your body and brain are intimately connected – and this has serious implications for dealing with stress and anxiety. This is one of the many reasons that exercise over 60 is so important.

The human body evolved in a world that was very different from the one that we live in today. For our ancestors, fear was something that happened to you when you were being chased by a tiger. Social anxiety was something that you experienced when you felt like you might be kicked out of the tribe and left to survive on your own.

In the modern world, our emotional survival tools are turned against us. We are anxious about money, scared of losing our jobs and worried about what is happening in the world.

But, it’s not all bad news.

By understanding how our brains and bodies are connected, we can take steps to reduce our stress and live more positive lives.

What’s the secret? One word. Exercise.

Exposing your body to physical exercise is one of the best ways to relieve emotional stress. So, get out there and work your body to relax your mind.

Surprising Benefits of Exercise Over 60

Exercise Over 60 Can Help to Reduce Stress

Ironically, by exposing our bodies to physical stress, we can help our minds to come with emotional stress. So, the next time you feel yourself getting anxious, why not go for a brisk walk? Or, even better, make exercise a part of your regular routine. Exercise is not just a tool for relieving stress – it can also help to prevent negative emotions and anxiety.

Have you made exercise a regular part of your routine? Do you find that you feel more positive and happier when you exercise? Please join the conversation below.

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