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6 Healthy Skin Care Tips for Women Over 60

6 Healthy Skin Care Tips for Women Over 60
Margaret Manning

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! One of many mantras we hear as the perfect solution to glowing and youthful skin. Others swear by coconut oil or argan oil, a celebrity brand with unintelligible ingredients or just simple soap.

Most women in general, but particularly over 60 are concerned about the onset of an ‘aging’ appearance, and want to have “younger-looking” skin to match the eternal youth brand machine they are exposed to every day.

But wouldn’t it be great if instead of talking about “younger looking skin,” we could focus on having “healthy skin” at any age?

Here are a few skin care tips for how women over 60 can achieve healthier skin – and feel better!

Don’t Try to Look “Younger”

Someone who writes about the true meaning of beauty after age 60 is Cindy Joseph, an inspiring Baby Boomer fashion model and make-up expert. Cindy Joseph talks a lot about the importance of using natural products to help women over 60 look and feel great at any age – not by using expensive and (often) ineffective chemical treatments to try to achieve “younger looking skin.”

As women over 60, we need to embrace the power that we have and say goodbye to the old-fashioned notion that all women should constantly try to look “younger.” Instead, let’s embrace the beauty, character and honesty that are embedded in our faces. We have lived beautiful and unique lives, and we should be proud of how we look, smile lines and all.

We are who we are – 60 and proud! With that attitude firmly in place, there are some practical things that can be done!

Stay Out of the Sun

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkled, spotted skin. Try to limit your sun exposure, wear hats and use sunblock. A lot of sun damage doesn’t become fully apparent until later in life – but it’s never “too late” to make a difference in the health of your skin by reducing your sun exposure. Using sunblock and avoiding excessive sun can also reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Wash Your Face Before Sleep

Dry skin is one of the most common challenges for women over 60, because people’s skin tends to become drier as we lose oil glands when we get older. One of the best ways to reduce dry skin is to wash your face every night before bed – but don’t use soap, as soap will pull away the natural oils from your skin that are needed to keep your skin healthy. Drink lots of water as well!


Stop Smoking

Aside from all the other health benefits of giving up smoking, if you are a smoker, you probably have more wrinkles than other people your same age who do not smoke. Try to stop.

Don’t Soak Too Long in the Tub

A hot bath can be a great way to relax – but if you spend too long in the bathtub, you might be drying out your skin. If you love a long and leisurely bath, use some lovely bath oil or lather on some body moisturizer when you get out of the bath when you skin is still a little damp.

Use Natural Products

Many skin care products are packed with chemicals and heavily processed ingredients. You can often get better results with natural skin care products that contain herbs, or even coconut oil or olive oil. The same ingredients that can be healthy in the kitchen can also help you achieve healthier skin.

Give Your Skin the Nutrition it Needs

As I mentioned in a previous article, our skin has unique nutritional needs. Beyond the usual advice of eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, there are several specific foods that can help you to achieve naturally radiant skin. Some of my favorites include dark chocolate (over 70% cacao), coconut oil and red bell peppers. See the full list of foods in my skin care over 60 nutrition article.

Instead of trying to look “younger,” women over 60 can look great and feel better by accepting who we are and by living life as the vibrant, comfortable, and strong people that we are.

What’s your take on this? What are your favorite natural skin care tips can you offer to the rest of the community? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.



Watch professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole as she demonstrates her makeup secrets for older women. It’s not about anti-aging! It’s about looking and feeling great at any age.


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  1. moisturise and drink water

  2. Using lots of sunscreen and must remove makeup before going to bed. Eating nourishing food too!

  3. Water, stay out the sun, sun protector and dont smoke

  4. I use St. Ives green tea scrub. It works for me

  5. I use Aloe Vera Forever Living products they are amazing….I have the exfoliator and the moisturiser which I will never swap….and I also have the berry nectar aloe ….incredible products x

  6. Use a Clarisonic daily.

  7. nice!

  8. Stop smoking

  9. I’m afraid I’m in my 60’s and never have exfoliated, never had a facial , never worn cosmetics cover on my face! My routine is…. Splash hot water, then cold on my face, then moisturise ! I’ve been doing this since I was 18 . I think my skin is ok.

  10. Every evening and morning after applying cleansing cream to my face, I gently blot off the cream with a warm face cloth….the nubs on the face cloth give the face a very gently exfoliation, no need to use a harsh rub.

  11. Interesting, I was reading a health journal for seiors the other day and it said not to exfoliate because the skin gets more fragile and thinner as we age.

  12. A lot of fruits and vegetables, fresh air, long walks and lots of laughter

  13. I exfoliate occasionally, however I lived in Asia for 7 years and I have never seen such beautiful skin on older women. None of them even know what that word means!

  14. I’ve used Clinique for a long time.. soap, mild astringent, moisturizer day and night on my face..deep comfort body moisture after bath, shower or whenever I need it. I love these products.
    And yes, lots of water..a healthy diet of vegetables and fruit, meats mostly fowl in moderation.

  15. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, never use water on your face and moisturise liberally. Eat a healthy diet and exercise – that’s what we’re all told but if you didn’t start off with good skin it won’t make any difference!!

  16. I agree

  17. Nivea, the old fashioned blue pot. For removing all make-up and for moisturising! Night and morning. It works for me and has done since I was 14. I am now approaching 70 . Worth a try and cheap too!

  18. Nivea

  19. She looks like Julia Louise Dreyfus from Seinfield?? Gorgeous??

  20. I exfoliate everyday, eat fresh fruits and veggies in abundance, drink green tea and water all through the day and walk!!!

  21. no soap on the face

  22. Any tips to get rid of brown age spots, only two but still there.Stayed out of sun but walking up dirt roads in the 60’s didn’t realize it was not good for my skin,otherwise great skin (69 yrs)

  23. Any suggestions for an exfoliant?

  24. We deserve all, don´t we Liz? You forgot the water!

  25. eat the freshest and best quality food you can afford

  26. lots of water……. exfoliate and hydrate it with a moisturise it every day ……

  27. Lots of fruit and veg,cleanse and moisturize,plenty of sleep and excercise,lots of hugs and kisses,!

  28. fabulous, skin, hair and gorgeous–natural!!!

  29. do you know about the ban on microbeads?

  30. I’m a pro-ageist – I never use the term anti-aging. As far as skin care products go – a good sunscreen/moisturizer is to me essential as I am outdoors a lot. That’s it. You couldn’t sell me products with the promise of “youthful” skin – I love the look of a healthy and in shape older person – wrinkles and all. Let’s get real – IF products worked as they say they would – would those of our generation who have had a lifetime of the best skincare money could buy – would they be all getting plastic surgery and botox? Do what feels good – bottomline and don’t listen to the hype.

  31. Is Bio-oil good the skin?

  32. Great…

  33. I like rose hip oil.

  34. I have a condition called Uticaria , which is on my face. Anybody any ideas for keeping my skin moisturised? It itches and swells my face up like a ripe beef tomato! Then disappears and leaves my skin like sandpaper.

  35. Nothing like good quality olive oil all over your face and body. Absorbed quickly. Skin is a living organism communicating every minute with your various organs and parts. Anti aging is fear mongering. A smile and high energy clears anyone’s path.

  36. I’m using peeling gel and mask, eye serum and eye cream, all products from the dead sea.

  37. The Lady Looks good

  38. Positive aging.

  39. GTK

  40. I love the feel of coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer. Soft, and the wrinkles look a little less.

  41. … both, as long as it looks superbly natural…

  42. really good article………………. I make a honey/sea salt scrub and use just honey for a mask. I have rosacea and couldn’t afford all those expensive creams that coat over $100.00 a cream. So far…….it works for me.

  43. I wish I could leAve my hair grey

  44. I prefer positive

  45. I don’t sunbath anymore!

  46. First. drink of the day wedge of fresh lemon and hot water wonderful the best cleanser for the body

  47. thank you for the advise.

  48. I have washed my skin with Dove sensitive soap for a long time and now using Olay regenerating serum and I love it.

  49. This is an excellent group and I highly recommend all woman 60 over older, or just any woman to check the site out. It’s run by Margaret Manning and extremely intelligent woman.. And when she sees this post she will wonder where in the heck I have been… LOL ;) <3

  50. There R many natural ways to keep the largest Organ within great shape, like all things it WILL take great positive habits to keep and get it going, as dead cells dies and sister cells multiply it needs nutrients etc zink antioxidents probiotics and so on, once we loose our muscle tone our bodies begin to fade away, the things our bodies receive through a daily intake of proper eating,drinking n exercise, what goes in will show on the outside, on the outside we have free radicals n other toxic harful agents. Some of our help comes from topical use of: sugar cane juice, sour milk, champaign, oats, most fruits with an Vit E our skin loves. E n C works hand in hand… And yes coconut oil and good olive oil, lavender, many of the pure good stuff mainly when our skin and hair is wet it should be done… Well great wishes and Divine Blessings always wish all great wishes Salutations all. Dorinda Alleyne Trinidad n Tobago.

  51. I would suggest if you can to look into BOOM by Cindy Joseph..Great organic products , good for you , easy to use , and not really expensive. and Cindy is amazing..

  52. I have to thank my mother and grandmother for my great skin. I get compliments all the time. However, I do exfoliate and use moisturer creams.

  53. What is the alternative to washing your face with soap?

  54. Love this hair,

  55. I have decided to stop colourig my hair brown with highlights… but would like to have a lovely shade of grey..there are some lovely shades…but it would seem they are given to some women naturally!!! I would like to ENHANCE my grey…any suggestions…??

  56. get enough sleep!

  57. Hydrate daily minimizing caffeine, eat whole and natural foods with minimally processed packaged food, SLEEP, exercise in the outdoors…walk walk walk !!!

  58. Pelleve !!!!!!!!! Wow I had my fiirst treatment in Sept and I already see a difference!!!!! Going for my 2nd next week. Pelleve… is a unique non-invasive treatment that uses radio wave technology to tighten sagging skin and reverse the effects of aging for a rejuvenated , younger looking and feeling skin. Add Eat healthy….Workout….Laugh Out Loud ..Maureen/Decorate”ME”Age-MaZing by 3 Decorating Divas

  59. I love you. Thanks a lot

  60. Stay out of the sun. Use a good AHA morning and night. A mask once a week.

  61. Drink lots of water.

  62. Exactly! I want my skin to feel good. So many anti-aging products burn off the upper layer, leaving my sensitive skin red, peeling and sore. I love gentle, nurturing products that have a soothing smell.

  63. I take saunas which help my skin and keep me healthy.

  64. And check your skin ladies. We were always playing outside and no SPF creams back then. I’ve just had a malignant melanoma and a basal cell carcinoma removed x

  65. Yoghurt facemask, porridge with coconut oil and blueberries, and Qigong every day!

  66. Tips to look young bee happy no misery.

  67. Go away

  68. Almond oil

  69. Begin a raw diet … Try once or twice per week… Fruits and veg… Blend also with raw oats and have a mask bath… Let it sit on skin for about an hour while you intake a special blend of fruits or veg drink… Enjoy music and a fav book, a movie, meditate. Do you. Love U. Dorinda Alleyne. Trinidad n Tobago.

  70. Nivea is good..and plain old vaseline at night.just a thin film because it is greasy!!

  71. Coconut oil too…’s fantastic and for a few pounds beats all the toxin full expensive creams and potions!

  72. Coconut oil

  73. The best beauty product – a smile.

  74. I used to use olive oil .. gotta try it again. Yves Roche stuff .. they say it is based on only natural substances. I love their creams etc etc.

  75. Hmmmm … could be true

  76. ωραιο το γκρι μαλλι!!!!

  77. I use Zimmerman Kitchen Balm. Keeps my skin beautiful.

  78. Точно за дедо[iminent=iqE6iKeUWfOB]

  79. god’s got nothing to do with my aging, but olive oil is good for dry hands.

  80. Let every woman, resolve her Oqn problems , alone …..

  81. I think if we bothered about ageing, we wouldn’t even be here… would we admit to being well over 60? Me too, coconut oil at night, and aloe vera based in the daytime.

  82. I use your basic Ponds for moisturizing & wash my face w/exfoliating cleanser. No kitchen stuff. My skin is wrinkle free for my age 69.

  83. I have been usinv Retin A for quite a while and love tme benefits!!

  84. I use lemon and olive oil.

  85. Over time our skin gets dry. All natural oil is good as moisturizers n make-up removers. Face, hands n neck need priority care. Women r born to be lovely.

  86. Extra virgen olive oil …

  87. be the best you can…’s to easy to be lazy as we grow older….

  88. Nothing wrong with good clean fresh water. Stick to what nature offers. Most creams contain harmful chemicals which will damage your skin. Even doctors advice to use plain clean water to clean wash baby’s bottom during nappy change. Nowadays, there are lots of baby wipes. But often it will cause nappy rash from the chemicals that’s damages the sensitive skin of babies. Use clean tap water, wipe dry and change the napkins. That’s all. Best of all its free!

  89. Coconut oil and castor oil

  90. Coconut oil is great for everything

  91. like”

  92. I like to spread a pawpaw peel on my face, or sometimes put herbal tea on my face. I like to tone with rose water , followed by oils.

  93. My mom always used Ponds face cream & always had beautiful skin.

  94. sometimes,,,,,mayonnaise

  95. I have been using Lancôme creams for years and I like it but I would like to try tamanu oil,

  96. chocolate – masses of it.

  97. At 72. I still do no use makeup or lipstick…..there have few tell me I need rouge and lipstick….I think not being a sun worshiper nor no smoking or drinking has had a lot to do with having good skin. I do use moisturizer helps….I do use signature A. Products

  98. almond oil..

  99. I use Olive Oil. Wonderful!

  100. I have sensitive skin, so I use only Dove Soap and Moisturizer.

  101. I just use Ponds cream, and keep my skin clean. I don’t usually wear any make-up, and like Meta Anna, I just have fun! :)

  102. I have found that organic coconut oil evens out my skin while providing amazing moisture.

  103. I use olive oil and almond oil on my skin.

  104. Coconut oil – the best kept secret ever!

  105. Exfoliate, Olay moisturiser, drink water ;>)

  106. I love BOOm sticks by Cindy Joseph she is just awesome… I totally love being 66

  107. Olive oil is excellent…no need for expensive creams old fashioned cold cream is great for removing makeup and moisturizer.

  108. flax oil to keep pores open.

  109. almond oil, honey, olive oil, bran, sugar and oil for exfoliation, water, lemon, and so on…

  110. I’m with you. It seems that even helpful sites push the idea that one should never actually look like they’re aging. I like doing the bare minimum because I use my time for fun stuff. :)

  111. I “wash” my face with pure olive oil. I splash warm water on my face then I massage it with a tsp of olive oil then wipe it off with a hot wash cloth. I follow up with a splash of cold water to close the pores. I’m sixty and I’ve been told my skin looks like I’m forty.

  112. I’m trying Tamanu oil after spritzing with rose oil water along with my usual Lancomb products. Results MAY be seen in about 6 weeks.

  113. yes. i use excellent argan oil…

  114. Not bothered about aging but I do want my skin to feel nice so use olive oil and coconut oil.

  115. I use salt and citrus to get my hands soft.then I use oil in my bath

  116. I don’t use a thing other then Dove soap on my face and a bit of moisturizer, I am told always , what lovely complexion I have and my skin feels like velvet. My mother was the same , when she passed at 79 her skin was beautiful and she had few wrinkles, honestly I think it runs in the family my dad who is 87 looks 70…no grey hair and few wrinkles.

  117. Yes, i use olive oil for hair and skin, but I am quite happy to let them both age with me!!! x

  118. Love her hair!

  119. rose oil..

  120. Olive oil — a few drops in the bath water helps dry skin.

  121. I only use excellent skin care products and keep the kitchen for cooking healthy meals. ;)

  122. amen i agree…

  123. I ised to do all that, at my age I,m just growing older naturally, the way God made me.

  124. Constantly worrying about it is ageing them more.

  125. like to no more about these and where do you buy them

  126. I went blonde. I always wanted to be a blonde, but had black hair, now it is nearly white so blonde it is and I love it.

  127. I izgedat ćeš kao ova dama na slici. Malo morgen!

  128. True ..

  129. I love the style and colour of the model’s hair. Really chic and sexy.

  130. I also would like some modern hair style for ladies over 60.

  131. Wash with soap and use face cream every day

  132. ENFIN !!!

  133. Just discovered a gret product: Nexxus “Youth Renewal” shampoo & Conditioner…It’s sold everywhere – I bought mine @ Walgeens & my friend bought it @ Target. It’s for aging hair. It comes in a dark pink bottle. It’s highly concentrated, so use a very small amount (size of a pea). It worked on my old hair the 1st time – I can tell a difference. I have natural salt & pepper hair. & live in the North.

  134. yes please I love my silver grey hair I always said to my mother I hoped I would inherit her hair colour

  135. Air Brushes work well too.

  136. I am 62 and color my hair but I like to be blonde at 65 grey blonde

  137. My hair does the curl as in the photo above but I always blow it dry and straight (er)! Looks good on her~

  138. Facial exercises eye cream and a mask three times a week keep wrinkles away

  139. so agree Diane. I feel a little sad and crushed when I see some women ‘let themselves go’

  140. Me too, Claudette; I always wanted to be platinum blonde

  141. If you have grey hair, I highly recommend the “Silver” products at Sally’s.

  142. I went white last winter. Let go of hair coloring and I love it. It’s freeing.

  143. nice lady.

  144. I think society’s view of ladies over 60 will change as we change and show the upside of this 3rd art of our life..society judges us by what they see and read .. so flaunt it ladies

  145. Exfoliate and hydratant,over 60

  146. would like some hair styles that doesn`t look to old for ladies over 60 with grey hair.

  147. Using day cream every day(Garnier ultra lift) ans wash my face every night(Garnier as well) before going to bed.

  148. I think women our age are just gorgeous…and smart men do to:)

  149. Drink plenty of water massage the oil from a vit . E CAPSULE EVERY DAY .

  150. Joan Holmes

    One of the best thing I’ve started doing, besides washing with an organic cleanser [ beauty juice] and moisturizing twice daily, is to use a light weight concealer around my eyes, and avoid putting foundation close to your eyes making fine lines more define. Also use your pink lipstick on you eye lids and use as your blush. Finish with mascara. It sounds strange but its a real natural look thats flattering.

  151. Acho espantoso e concordo plenamente que depois dos 60, também existem coisas maravilhosas “mais sabedoria derivada dos anos, mais paciência, mais compreensão etc.”vamos viver bem e muito melhor os 60!!!!!

  152. boi oil, amazing!

  153. I had to see a skin specialist 2 years ago…He is very good…told me 2 products that were the best for skin Aveeno & Vasoline intensive care…both work wonders for my dry skin…smooths out wrinkles a lot as well

  154. Would like some hair styles for ladies over 60 with grey hair.

  155. Bio oil:)

  156. amen

  157. Organic coconut oil, eat it for your skin and a healthy mind and flax oil for arthritis. Some very interesting results with coconut oil and dementia. Just three weeks reversed years of decline.

  158. Organic, organic, organic… and keep the ingredients simple.