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10 Ways to Express Your True Self After 60

By Kay Arthur September 02, 2023 Mindset

You are remarkable!

I see it. Others see it. But sometimes the only person that doesn’t see it is YOU.

She’s there, your remarkable self, right under the surface. She is waiting to be exposed and pulled out of that dark safe corner she’s been hiding in all of these years.

As we peel back the layers to uncover this remarkable woman that you are, I think you’ll find many reasons why we “Boomer” women struggle with the discovery of our true selves. It is amazing that our journey to find this woman and to unleash the fullness of our remarkable potential sometimes takes until we are in our 60’s.

Hit Rewind to Understand the Influences That Shaped Us

Most of us are baby boomers, born between the years 1946-1964. Our parents were probably born in the 20’s or 30’s. The Stock Market crash of 1929 birthed a stressful decade christened the Great Depression. This was followed by the stressful 40’s, clouded with World War II.

Poverty and unemployment were the dominating fears of our grandparents. They were struggling to raise our parents amidst years of uncertainty. Husbands and sons were going to war and women going to work to make ends meet. Rationing was a way of life. Food. Gas. Clothing. Our families used War Ration stamps to purchase their goods. Their sacrifices were many.

I only recall this history lesson to remind you that our self-identity starts at birth. So we are the product of our parent’s journey. They are the ones who shaped and influenced the very core of our foundation.

For most of their formative years, our parents’ lives were not plentiful with the essentials that we take for granted today. There was not an abundance of money, food or pretty clothes. There were few of the conveniences or luxuries that we enjoy.

Regardless of the money that your families may or may not have had, it was a very challenging time. By the time we were born in the late 40’s and 50’s, the country was in recovery and times were better. However, a culture of seriousness was imprinted in our parents’ memories.

Could this be why our parents’ expectations regarding school and work were high? It is understandable that their priority was for us to have a good job. Perhaps it is why they saved and did not indulge in frivolous spending. Maybe this is why a safe steady job meant more to them than exploring dreams that were riskier. The fear and insecurity from their journey through the Great Depression were engrained deep in the recesses of their minds.

Fast Forward to Today’s Culture

So here we are 60 years later. Some of us are still digging deep to uncover that remarkable woman that lies waiting inside. This is the woman who feels she has something more to give to herself and the world. Looking beneath the layers, is it reasonable to consider that the responsible, serious tone of our parent’s generation contributed to how we’ve lived our life?

We have been raised to be responsible women. We were encouraged to work hard to make a living, sometimes doing jobs that we weren’t suited for. We may have even known in our hearts that we weren’t following our dreams. We were working to make a living. It was the safe thing to do.

Many women in our generation limited our time off work. Some routinely worked more than 40 hours per week. Many still find it hard to spend money on themselves. We even feel guilty staying in bed when we are ill or paying attention to our own needs.

I wouldn’t trade the life that I’ve lived for anything in the world. It has all been truly amazing. But I have to say that I do feel such delicious joy in knowing that I have reached this place in my life where I can shed off the restrictive layer. I can now be the free spirited, remarkable woman that has been waiting patiently for this moment.

I can still be responsible. I can still be smart about my choices. But now I can open the door to new possibilities. I can shed those heavy layers that keep me from being the person that I want to be.

Find and Unleash Your Remarkable You

You have to find your own personal ways to unleash that spirit inside of you. Here are a few of the ones that I feel can be the catalyst you need to find that remarkable YOU.

  • Find a new hair style. Grow it long. Cut it short. Change the color. Be daring. Be brave.
  • Take an art class. Go alone or with a friend. Find one where you can drink wine and paint. Use a taxi and live it up! Explore that creative soul that is dying to be set free.
  • Buy new sheets. Spend the money on a higher thread. Surround yourself with softness on your bare skin. And add a new nighty for kicks!
  • Buy a new color lipstick. Choose a bold, different color that speaks to your new found style.
  • Whiten your teeth – you will smile more and brighter!
  • Treat yourself to new jewelry. You can afford to adorn yourself with something new occasionally. Gift yourself something that symbolizes your remarkable life.
  • Find a new style that is all yours. Be the Beatnik of our generation. Try on more youthful looking clothes. Embrace your uniqueness.
  • Get a tattoo! No one says that you can’t! It doesn’t even have to be somewhere that it shows. Be creative with it. Describe your journey. Let it have meaning.
  • Take naps. On your new sheets!
  • Buy new glasses. Get a trendy new style.

Express yourself! Unveil the hidden spirit that is just dying to be set free. Rediscover freedom – there is nothing stopping you.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

How did your childhood shape the person that you are today? Name something that you have always wanted to do – but felt you shouldn’t? What is holding you back? Please join the conversation.

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Wonderful article! Thank you!!


wow! I was born in the 30’s so seriousness sure marked my life..and then my husband died when I was 40 leaving me with a mortgage and 5 was hard, it’s been hard…and it’s hard to shake all that…but a new boho dress sure sparks my life!


Get a tattoo? Pah-leeze.


I already have a tat I’m going to get on my forearm once I get a recommendation for a really great artist. I want it to be something that strengths ME, calms ME, and reminds me of the way God has this.

Not for everyone for sure.


We experiment and treat ourselves. Still having fun.

Stella Fosse

I liked the insights at the start of this article. But the suggestions for how to find and express ourselves relied so much on buying things. How about creative expression through art and writing? How about learning something new at the library? How about connecting with new friends? Volunteering for a cause that’s important to us? There is much more to us than a new lipstick.


I kept waiting for the suggestion of solo travel. Nothing has changed my life more than those adventures. Start small- an overnight in a nearby town! Soon, you may be planning a trip to Florence!

The Author

Kay Arthur lives in Arizona, both in Phoenix and in a cabin near Prescott where she loves to write. She has retired from many years in Healthcare Administration and now enjoys exploring her creative side. Kay has developed Moonflower Blooms, a blogging website dedicated to inspiring readers to live an authentic and joyfully simplistic life in search of their true "self".

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