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Live Your Life Like a Trapeze Artist

By T. Kari Mitchell December 10, 2022 Mindset

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you stuck in a challenging season and wondering what the future holds?

You may be experiencing a “trapeze moment” — a time when you’re hanging on to what’s familiar and just swinging along, day after day.

Do you want to experience a breakthrough? Then you must stop swinging back and forth and prepare to grab hold of divinely designed opportunities!

A flying trapeze artist handles a free-swinging bar at incredible heights, and when the time is right, lets go and leaps to another swinging bar or partner, with grace and ease.

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.”

— Geena Davis

Imitate the Trapezist

Take a risk – stretch – venture into the unknown. Risk-taking can be scary, but in order to grow, you must take the big leap. Get out of your comfort zone. Be brave. Release the bar that you’ve been clinging to for dear life. Unclench your grasp and surrender to new possibilities.

When you let go, expect to be uncomfortable. The unknown can be unsettling and unpredictable, but it can also be exciting and exhilarating. As you release the old bar, you may feel like you’re suspended in time – as if you pressed the pause button on life.

It’s all good! This is the silent void – the empty space – your clean slate. In the void, it appears that nothing is happening, but this is your time to create what you want!

“In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void.”

— Genesis 1:1

The Void Offers Potential

Great potential lies in the void, so take thoughtful action and strategically devise your next move. Create something wonderful out of the nothingness. Turn within and connect with your inner spirit. Reflect. Dream. Plan. The void is where you mentally prepare for the next stage in your life. Set expectations, establish positive intentions and develop your skills.

Value your time in the void. But pay attention and be ready to grab the next specially constructed bar that the Universe will be swinging your way. It may catch you by surprise, but don’t hesitate. Jump! Feel the fear creeping up beside you but stretch forth anyway and seize your opportunity.

Know that you must leap into the unknown, before you receive your blessing. You usually don’t get the blessing first. Once you make your move, the right doors will open, and the right people will suddenly appear.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”

— African Proverb

Learn and Grow from Hardships

And if you slip and lose your balance, don’t be concerned. Place your trust in your safety net. Spirit will bounce you back up and guide you so that the next time you make the leap, you’ll be much more confident.

What is the Universe calling you to do? Launch your dream business? Write your first book? Start a program that builds self-confidence in young girls? Your job is to grab the bar when it swings your way, not to determine how your dream will work out.

Apply the concepts of trapeze artistry to your own life, with both feet on the ground. Execute your plan, believe, trust and enjoy the process. Go ahead! You’ll never know what you’re made of, unless you [fill in the blank].

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are you ready to take a calculated risk? What one thing have you been considering that scares you? Imagine and describe one baby step. How will you feel when you succeed?

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What an inspiring article. I’ll remember this and bear it in mind when a decision is needed. Thanks.


Glad you enjoyed the article, Susan. Best wishes! TK🌺


TK I enjoyed your article especially with the comparison to a verse from our Holy Bible. In this day and age everyone can use the encouragement to face even the day to day problems.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks for your comment, Jan. Encouraging words can really make a difference. TK🌺


We must be willing to relinquish what we are grasping to receive something else. We can’t move forward when we are always looking back. Life should be an adventure to be anticipated and acted upon, not a waiting room!


Absolutely, Terri! To be worthwhile, life must be an adventure. TK🌺




Thanks for posting, Sue. Blessings! TK🌺


This segment has been very beneficial for me as I have wanted to move to a warmer climate for many years. So I’m making the move in January 2023. I have purchased a new house and have sold my house.

I do find I am anxious about what I have taken on in my 60s, as I will be moving thousands of kilometres away from friends and family.

But as you say we have to grow and learn even if we feel out of our depth, so here goes.


How exciting! Have faith and trust your next steps, Terise. Best wishes!

The Author

T. Kari Mitchell (TK), founder of Lifestyle 120, is an Inspired Aging Motivational Speaker & Integrative Wellness Coach. TK is dedicated to helping mature women flourish. Her Sprout Your New Life course provides women with tools to reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can rock their golden years. Connect with TK at

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