Over the past year, while building the Sixty and Me community, I have had the pleasure to meet and learn from some amazing, inspirational women. Their writing has made me think and their dedication to women’s issues has inspired me.

Some of these women are speakers and journalists. Others have written blogs, articles or books. While their interests are unique, they share the fabulous qualities of passion, drive and vision.

Each of these fascinating ladies has something to offer women of our generation. It is my honor to share with you how much they have impacted my own journey and I encourage you to get to know each of them.

Please take the time to connect with them on Facebook or Twitter. Visit their blogs and websites. Learn from them. Follow their shining example as they help us to make life after 60 everything that it can be.

Here Are 20 Inspirational Women that Every Woman Over 60 Should Know

Inspirational Women - Kerry HannonKerry Hannon – Great Jobs for Everyone 50+

Kerry is an expert on personal finance and careers for boomer women. Her best-selling book “Great Jobs for Everyone 50+” totally inspired me. I love her passion, compassion and practical down to earth advice. If you’re looking for a job after 60, I encourage you to check her out.


Inspirational Women - Sharon Greenthal on Sixty and MeSharon Greenthal – Midlife Boulevard

Sharon is the editor of Midlife Boulevard, an on-line magazine that focuses on the lives of women over 40. She is passionate about real world issues affecting women in midlife including technology, relationships work and purpose. A Huffington Post blogger and writer, her popular website is Empty House, Full Mind.


Cindy Joseph on Sixty and MeCindy Joseph – Boom by Cindy Joseph

Cindy is a truly beautiful woman, inside and out. She is the passionate and proud leader of a movement she calls the “Pro-Age Revolution.” Makeup artist turned super model, she cares passionately about older women celebrating positive aging. Her Boom skin care products are also just amazing!


Barbara Hannah Grufferman on Sixty and MeBarbara Hannah Grufferman – Best of Everything After 50

Barbara is the author of a fabulous book called “The Best of Everything after 50.”  She is a recognized expert on healthy and positive aging. Barbara writes weekly columns for Huffington Post and AARP. Her video series on the AARP YouTube Channel features ideas for life in your fifties.


Evelyn Hannon on Sixty and MeEvelyn Hannon – Journeywoman

Evelyn Hannon is a fascinating woman and a celebrated globetrotter and writer. She is also the creator of Journeywoman, a website for women travellers of all ages. Her advice and supportive community are a go-to resource for me before I plan a trip.


Prill Boyle on Sixty and MePrill Boyle – Defying Gravity

Prill is an author, speaker, writer and TV host. She has spent her career interviewing, writing about and promoting the achievements of hundreds of “ordinary” women who have done extraordinary things in their lives. Her book “Defying Gravity” celebrates late blooming women and has been a huge inspiration to me!


Elizabeth Isele on Sixty and MeElizabeth Isele – Senior Entrepreneurship Works

Elisabeth is an author, speaker and passionate advocate of older women entrepreneurs. She builds educational programs for 50+ entrepreneurs starting with ProvStudio.com, a workshop for those wanting to launch business start-ups. She was also a key witness at the first ever US Senate Hearing on Senior Entrepreneurship. Inspiring!


Ellen Dolgen on Sixty and MeEllen Dolgen – Menopause Mondays

Ellen is writer, speaker and wellness advocate for women who are going through menopause. She is a fabulous Huffington Post blogger and encourages discussions on menopause, women’s health, and the modern woman’s life today. She is dynamic and fun and empowers women with her weekly blog, Menopause Monday.


Nancy Collamer on Sixty and MeNancy Collamer – My Lifestyle Career

Nancy Collamer is a career coach and blogger for Forbes and Next Avenue. She is also the author of “Second Act Careers.” Nancy is passionate about providing practical tips on how to make the transition to a new working lifestyle in your 50’s and beyond.


Gretchen Rubin on Sixty and MeGretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project

Gretchen is the author of several books, including “Happiness Project”, an account of the year she spent trying to unravel the mysteries of true happiness. Gretchen really helps to prioritize things that create happiness in life – her writing definitely sparks new ideas!


Judith Boyd on Sixty and MeJudith Boyd – Style Crone

Judith Boyd is a 70-year-old blogger whose site “Style Crone” celebrates her love for style and fashion in the lives of older women. She is all about creating a unique personal style and helping women over 60 to both adorn themselves and to express their inner-self and beauty.


Suzanne Braun Levine on Sixty and MeSuzanne Braun Levine – Women in Second Adulthood

Suzanne is a legend in the women’s movement and now an inspiration to midlife women. She is a best-selling writer, editor and authority on issues facing women over 50. I love her book “You Gotta Have Girlfriends,” which covers the emotional and physical importance of having a trusted circle of women friends.


Lisa Copeland on Sixty and MeLisa Copeland – Find a Quality Man

Lisa Copeland is a dynamic writer, blogger and dating coach for women over 50. With her book “The Winning Dating Formula for Women over 50,” she provides us mature women with the tools and confidence to understand the mind-set of a man. She teaches us how to create intimacy and achieve great dating experiences.


Karen Sands on Sixty and MeKaren Sands – The Everyday Futurist

Karen is professional futurist, speaker, author and certified master coach. She identifies major trends that will affect a woman’s personal and professional life in the future. If you starting your own business, changing or reinventing your career, or transforming your organization, Karen can provide guidance!


Mary Eileen Williams on Sixty and MeMary Eileen Williams – Feisty Side of Fifty

Mary Eileen is a career coach, author and blogger with Huffington Post. She is also a radio host, and editor of a brilliant site called “Feisty Side of Fifty.” It is a fun and upbeat blog for women over 50.  Mary Eileen helps women dealing with midlife and mid-career transitions in a fun and positive way. Her work is refreshing and entertaining!


Ellen Pober Rittberg on Sixty and MeEllen Pober Rittberg – Ellen

Award winning journalist and writer, Ellen Pober Rittberg is an expert on grand parenting. She is author of a super helpful book called “35 Things Your Teen won’t tell you, so I Will.” Her guidelines apply to grandkids as well. She is a go to resource for help understanding the role of grandmother and how to build strong family relationships.


Susan Piver on Sixty and MeSusan Piver – Open Heart Project

Susan is a world renowned meditation teacher and award winning New York Times best-selling author. Her books are personal, and impactful As a Buddhist teacher, she is the founder of the Open Heart Project which aims to teach anyone in the world how to meditate. Her latest book is “The Wisdom of a Broken Heart.”


Alexia Parks on Sixty and MeAlexia Parks – Hardwired

Alexia Parks, is an intriguing woman who is an author and innovator. In her book “Hardwired: 10 Major Traits of Women Hardwired By Evolution That Can Save The World,” she explores how she feels women are “hardwired” to be leaders in today’s complex world and working with men in partnership.


Meridith Fiedler Dennes on Sixty and MeMeridith Fiedler Dennes – Project Eve

Meredith helped to found Project Eve, an award winning content publisher and online community. Project Eve is a content engine for innovative and creative women who are reinventing their careers. The site provides great content and tools and motivates women to think beyond traditional boundaries and support one another.


Carol Orsborn on Sixty and MeCarol Orsborn – Fierce With Age

Carol is an author and speaker who leads retreats for Boomers in the aging and healthcare communities. She has written books on marketing to boomer women and is editor of a site called “Fierce with Age”. Here she explores the relationship between spirituality and aging and the search for meaning and purpose in later life.


Which women inspire you? Are there any women that you would add to our list of inspirational women that every woman over 60 should know about? Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

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