Life after 60 is intense. So, why on Earth would anyone want to start a blog at our age? Isn’t there enough talk in the world? Don’t we all have better things to do with our time than share our opinions with the world?

I would argue that the opposite is true. Your 60s and 70s are actually the perfect time to start blogging. In this interview, my guest, Perley-Ann and I will share some of the positive benefits that blogging has brought to our lives. Then, we’ll give some quick tips on how to get started.

My guest today is Perley-Ann Friedman. Perley-Ann recently retired abroad, in Koh Lanta, Thailand. In addition to being an avid yoga practitioner, she is also a talented writer and prolific blogger. Let’s talk about how blogging can change your life after 60.


What Perley-Ann’s Experience Can Teach You About Starting a Blog

For Perley-Ann, writing is more than a job – it is her passion. The extra money is nice, but, more important is the impact that she feels she can make through her writing. Blogging is a way to amplify and give meaning to the important things in her life. You can read more of Perley-Ann’s work on her website.

I couldn’t agree with her more about the power of blogging to make a positive difference in your life. Starting Sixty and Me, all those years ago, was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Not only have I been able to make a positive difference in the lives of others, but, I have also added meaning to my own life. I have also build many amazing friendships along the way.

Perley-Ann’s Advice for Starting a Blog

Like many successful bloggers, Perley-Ann commits herself to writing for at least a couple of hours a day. I’m the same way. Personally, I find that the 5am – 7am time slot works perfectly for me. But, this is completely a personal decision.

If you don’t have 2 hours a day to dedicate to writing for your blog, don’t worry! You can still be a successful blogger, while writing for 30 minutes a day. The important thing is to be consistent. So, find a time that works for you and write down your thoughts, rain or shine.

The second piece of advice that both Perley-Ann and I would give is to focus on what you are passionate about. Do you love cooking? Are you passionate about knitting? Do you want to help grandmas to build stronger relationships with their grandkids? Do you have a special skill that you want to share with the world? No matter what you love, there are people who want to hear from you. Don’t worry if your topic seems too small. Sometimes specific blogs do better than the ones that try to boil the ocean.

In Perley-Ann’s case, she loves to write about her passion for yoga. She also covers topics related to healthy aging. I cover a broader range of topics, but, all of them have to do with getting the most from life after 60. What will you write about?

One final piece of advice is to never give up. Starting a blog is difficult. There will be times when you feel like the only person reading your blog is your cat. It was certainly that way for me! Never forget that your blog is your tool. It’s nice when other people appreciate your work, but, first and foremost, your blog is a form of personal expression.

Have you started a blog? Do you agree that the world needs more bloggers over 60 who can share their unique perspectives with the world? Please join the conversation!

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