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4 Amazing Brands that You Can Find Exclusively at QVC

By Margaret Manning April 04, 2020 Lifestyle

Ok, I admit it. I LOVE to shop online. Of course, like most of you, I still get out into the real world to window shop and, from time to time, I enjoy browsing through style magazines. But, when the time comes to part with my hard-earned money, I know that I will find the best deals online.

Of course, not all online stores are created equal. Some have excellent selection, but, little flare and exclusivity. Others are laser-focused on one category, but, lack the heart and soul that makes a shopping experience fulfilling.

Perhaps this is why I have always been a fan of QVC – they have selection AND uniqueness, reasonable prices AND quality. And, more than anything, QVC makes the shopping experience pleasant, whether you are watching on TV or browsing on your PC.

And, right now, our readers can take advantage of QVC Easy Pay® benefits on all purchases. They enable the option of making payment in monthly installments at 0% interest and no fees, but will deliver your full order upfront, as a service to customers.

So, today, I wanted to introduce you to a few brands that are exclusive to QVC that I absolutely love. I hope that they bring a little color, positivity and fun into your life!

QVCs Exclusive Proprietary Brands Are a Step Above the Rest

Proprietary brands are not just about exclusivity. When a company like QVC decides to work with a company to develop a brand that only they will carry, they are putting their credibility on the line. They are saying “This item is special. It deserves our attention… and yours!”

Of course, as the owner of the world’s two largest home shopping networks, QVC has the scale to work with hundreds of brands. But, today, I want to talk about 4 of my absolute favorite QVC proprietary brands – Denim and Co, Diamonique, Breezies and Belle Beauty.

Diamonique: Stunning Jewels at Surprisingly Affordable Prices

Diamonique is the brand name of QVC’s cubic zirconia line. It features a collection of stunning simulated diamond gemstone jewelry.

I always loved the quality of Diamonique’s products. Years ago, I bought a tennis bracelet like this one, which I wore every day like a watch!

Every woman deserves a piece or two of jewelry that makes her sparkle on the outside as much as she does on the inside… and this bracelet helped me to make a statement that was subtle and strong, beautiful and understated.

The Diamonique collection includes beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. In addition, the sparkling cubic zirconia simulated diamonds are often mixed with gorgeous colorful simulated gemstones.

More recently, the QVC team has collaborated with Courtney Cason to produce a totally unique collection of artisan-crafted pieces. This line is continually evolving and, as a huge fan of evocative and unique necklaces, the QVC collection is a treasure chest dream come true.

From simple tennis necklaces to combinations of Diamonique and opal or stunning gemstones, this collection offers a fabulous way to add sparkle to your life.

Denim and Co: Yes, Women Our Age Still Love Our Jeans!

The women in our community tell us that fashion is a form of personal expression. We don’t want to be boxed into a corner by “experts” who tell us what’s “appropriate” for our age. We love our jeans, leggings and colorful clothes… and we’re not going to give them up any time soon!

Of course, one clothing item of clothing that most of us couldn’t live without is our jeans. They are versatile and comfortable, strong enough to survive the grandkids and dressy enough to wear into town.

QVC has many amazing denim brands, but, my personal favorite – and also a QVC proprietary brand – is Denim and Co. This line is incredible! It offers affordable products that tick all the boxes for women who are focused on comfort and stylish clothes.

From joggers to capri pants, skinny legs to pull ons, there is something for everyone. Many pairs are stretchy and super comfortable, while managing to look fabulous and stylish at the same time… a tricky combo to pull off!

One of my favorites, the Denim & Co. Regular Classic Waist Stretch Jeggings come in 15 (yes 15) colors and are available on 6 Easy Pay payments. The Denim & Co. Original Waist Stretch Regular Pants w/ Side Pockets, which are also on Easy Pay, come in 40 colors and sizes from XXS to 3X.

The tops in the Denim and Co collection are made for real women. This round neck Henley Knit top is one of my personal favorites. I love the color choices and style which is so complimentary for my ahem… larger, hips. You can check out the entire Denim and Co collection here.

Breezies: What You Wear Under Your Clothes Matters!

A well-fitting bra is essential for women of all ages. My favorite QVC underwear brand is Breezies – They are beautiful to wear, stylish but have support and substance. The colors, textures, styles and range of sizes are just wonderful. I honestly have a whole collection!

Breezies make you feel feminine, while still providing full support! The sizes on most of their bras range from 34B to 48DDD.

Here is one of my favorites, the Breezies Lace Eclipse Underwire Support Bra. It comes in 4 colors and is available for $32. Easy Pay is also an option.

Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel: Fabulous Makeup for Everyday Women

When it comes to makeup, we are all looking for great value for money. One makeup brand that I love is a QVC exclusive, called Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel.

For the price of a single high-end foundation you can buy this entire full face of makeup collection. In it, you get a Hover Cover Hi Definition Full Coverage Foundation, Back Lash Mascara, two shades of Shero Shadow Sticks, Kisser Fixer Lip Liner and a Kisser Fixer Lip Gloss – all for under $53.

The Belle Beauty line also includes brushes, sponges, liners and a wide range of lipsticks and powders! It’s another fabulous example of how QVC works with its partners to produce unique products at affordable prices.

Why I’m So Passionate About QVC? It’s Personal!

Of course, as you can tell, I’m a big fan of QVCs products – especially their proprietary brands. But, this isn’t the only reason I love QVC.

So, why do I adore them? It’s the people, the presenters. When I was going through my divorce, I sat up late into the night watching QVC. I didn’t intend to shop (although I did find items that I loved and ended up buying). Instead, I watched because the women presenting were so kind and genuine.

The presenters felt like family. They were mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. They had real lives and their authenticity always shone through.

This is why I am delighted to be partnering with QVC on a series of articles. I only work with brands that I love and QVC definitely falls into this category!

Are you a fan of QVC online shopping? Can you name one item that you have purchased from QVC that you treasure? What are your favorite QVC brands? Let’s have a chat!

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