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4 Fun Winter Holiday Makeup Tips for Older Women (Video)

By Margaret Manning December 13, 2014 Makeup and Fashion

Celebrity makeup artist, Ariane Poole, is back with some fresh and fun winter holiday tips for older women. If you are ready to enhance your look with beautiful bronzer and luscious lip gloss, you’ll love my latest interview.

We all love the holiday season for different reasons. Some of us love changing our makeup routine. I have to admit that I have a special weakness for wearing crystals and glittery tops when the cold arrives. After all, there are so few times during the year when adding a little sparkle to your outfit is actively encouraged!

Of course, deciding what to wear is only part of looking great during the winter. We also want to choose makeup that adds a little pizazz to our holiday look! So, to help you to get the look you want this winter, I sat down with professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole for a chat.

You may remember Ariane from our makeup for older women video series. Not only is she super talented, but, she is also a blast to talk to. I know that you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did! Enjoy the show!

Here Are Ariane’s Winter Makeup Tips for Older Women

Ariane agrees that winter is the perfect time for us older women to have a little bit of fun with our makeup. In our interview, she explains how to use the new eye shadow colors that are appearing this season to create a fabulous “smoky eye” look.

This year, purple, charcoal and forest green can make a fun addition to your usual makeup routine. We also talk about how metallic shades, when applied carefully, can enhance our look after 60.

Since the holiday season is filled with social gatherings, Ariane and I also discuss how to make the transition from day to evening. Ariane provides 3 simple tips that we can use to get the look we want, no matter whether we are attending a family gathering or a more formal event. For example, she discusses spraying a light refresher, using illumination in two spots and adding a little pouty lip gloss.

Yes, “pouty” is a perfectly acceptable word for older women to use!

Join Ariane and I as We Discuss:

  • Where to apply concealer (It’s not where you think)
  • Why it is important to check holiday makeup in a darkened hallway or room
  • Which makeup color palettes are making a comeback this winter?
  • The direction connection between feeling good and looking good
  • How to use bronzer in the winter months
  • Nail polish colors for the holiday season that work for older women
  • Where to apply lip gloss for a sexy, pouty look

I hope that you enjoy the show! Please don’t forget to like, share and comment on the video!

Do you enjoy adding a little sparkle to your holiday makeup routine? What are your favorite winter makeup tips for older women? Please watch the interview and then add your thoughts in the comments section below.


For an even more comprehensive makeup tutorial, watch the following video.

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