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4 Steps Any Older Woman Can Take to Create a New Monetary Self in 2019!

By Danielle Howard December 09, 2018 Managing Money

Science has shown us the mental and physical benefits of positive affirmations. Why not use the same techniques now and apply them to your financial life after you retire?

Have you ever heard yourself say things like, “Finance is not my strong point,” “I don’t have enough income,” “I don’t like my job,” “I don’t understand the stock market,” or, “Creating a spending plan is too hard”?

The truth is that we have all wrestled with a variety of these questions over time. If you don’t intentionally choose a positive mentality, your past experiences and the current media noise will envelope you in a mindset that leaves you unfulfilled and missing out on your life potential.

I’d like to offer you a plan you can follow. It consists of four steps you can take to create a new monetary you:

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Negative Script

“I’m not good with money,” and “I don’t have enough to retire” are two of the popular negative beliefs. Bring those thoughts to the surface and question them. Is this really true or is it a perceived truth? Where did this mindset come from?

Step 2: Externalize It

Say it out loud and let it go. On my client river rafting experiences, I tell people to write down a negative mindset, script, or story on a small piece of paper.

As we float downriver, we go through a ritual of ‘releasing it’ and physically let the paper go in the water. Write it on a rock and throw it as far as you can. Express it on a piece of paper and burn it in the fireplace or nail it to the cross – whatever works for you.

Step 3: Replace It with a Present Tense, Positive, Short, Action-Oriented Affirmation

“I am making wise financial decisions,” “I am educating myself on monetary matters,” or “I am creating a life of no regrets” – this is the type of mindset you are looking to achieve.

Again, write it down and keep it visible. You can also create a vision board that expresses the new you or write a letter to yourself in five years.

Step 4: Repeat Daily

You are in the process of rewiring your neuropathways, and each new affirmation needs to get a firm hold in your brain, so – speak it. Try saying it out loud in the presence of another person. Scary? Yes! Powerful? Resoundingly, yes!

Positive affirmations can help you make over four different areas of your financial life:

  • How money comes to you;
  • How you share what you have;
  • How you grow and protect your financial life;
  • How you spend your resources.

If you’re still unsure if this strategy works, let me also reveal the benefits of a new monetary self:

Opens You Up to Possibilities

When you create and repeat positive financial affirmations, you “kill the ANTs” – Automatic Negative Thoughts, as termed by Dr. Daniel Amen. You open yourself up to a new perspective of what is true in your financial life.

Empowers You to Create a New Belief System

Positive affirmations are a great exercise for our brains. They physically rewire our neuropathways and reprogram the unconscious mind for success.

You are the captain of your financial journey and your thoughts are the fuel that will keep you moving forward. You choose what you think. Use this new belief system to connect yourself to the feelings of what your life should look like. You get to decide what you are willing to do to make it happen.

Motivates You to Action

Investing in a financial planner so you can move towards the future of your dreams and manage the life transitions that will unfold is a waste of money if you don’t have the right mindset in place.

Positive affirmations will create new belief systems, which will lead to aspirational attitudes and beneficial behaviors.

Your new mindset will help you maintain a confident monetary self-view. When the financial turbulence hits (whether in our personal life or in the market), you will be less likely to succumb to negative behavior.

You will be more resilient as your self-worth grows alongside your net worth! You will build your character assets alongside your financial assets.

You can download a copy of my financial affirmations – one for yourself and one for a friend! Check out our e-course where you can get intentional about taking your action steps to bring your affirmations to fruition! Call us if a Journey of Financial Health™ fits your needs.

What negative financial thoughts have you brought into your fall season of life? Have you thought about changing your mindset so you can benefit from positive affirmations in all areas of your life? I am happy to share my personal experiences with putting affirmations into practice in my financial life and I would love to hear about your growth in this area. Please join the conversation!

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