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5 Videos to Help You Get More from Your Post-Menopausal Body

By Margaret Manning December 18, 2015 Health and Fitness

Many women in the community have told me that they are struggling with one or more aspects of their post-menopausal body. Despite the stereotypes, the truth is that many of us experience symptoms traditionally associated with menopause well into our 60s. Even those of us who feel like menopause is “over” still have to deal with a “new normal” when it comes to our hormones.

To help demystify the discussion about what happens to our bodies as we get a little older, I recently interviewed menopause expert, Julie Dargan. I hope that the free videos below help you to sleep better, get your energy back and, if you want, lose a little weight. Enjoy the show and please join the conversation at the end of this article.

Losing Weight after 60: Get Back in Shape after the Dreaded “Middle Age Spread”

Ok, let’s get this out of the way right up front. Losing weight after 60 isn’t easy. Anyone who tells you that it’s easy is either trying to sell you something or they are in their 30s and have no idea what they are talking about.

Fortunately, while losing weight after 60 is difficult, it is also completely possible. In this interview, my wonderful guest, Julie Dargan offers some practical advice for getting the body that you deserve at any age. It’s not about looking amazing for other people (unless you want to!) It’s about having the energy and strength to get the most from life.

Is Your Post-Menopausal Body Contributing to Your Sleep Problems?

When you can’t sleep well at night, every other aspect of your life suffers. You have less energy during the day to explore the world. You may even find it difficult to interact with the people that you love.

Contrary to popular believe the sleep disturbances that many of us start to experience during menopause do not disappear suddenly. Many women continue to experience night sweats and other sleep disturbances well into their 60s. In this interview, my guest, Julie Dargan, offers some advice for sleeping better at any age.

Natural Solutions for Getting Your Hormones Back in Balance After Menopause

There has been a lot of debate in recent years about the efficacy or – and potential side effects from – hormone replacement therapy. Obviously, this is a medical issue that should be discussed with your doctor.

At the same time, my guest, and menopause expert, Julie Dargan has some practical suggestions for getting your hormones back in balance after menopause. We hope that they give you plenty to discuss with your doctor on your next visit.

What Happens to Our Bodies During and After Menopause? What Can we Do About it?

For many women, menopause is something of a mystery. We know what we are experiencing, but, it’s difficult to know whether what we are going through is “normal.”

Fortunately, menopause is no longer a taboo subject. Menopause experts, like my guest, Julie Dargan, are trying to get the word out about what happens to our bodies during menopause. In this interview, Julie offers some practical steps to take control of your body during and after menopause.

Tips for Dealing with Post Menopause Symptoms Like Vaginal Dryness

For many decades, health issues like vaginal dryness during and after menopause were somewhat taboo. When you think about it, this is completely ridiculous. How can a natural function, which almost all of us experience as we get older, be off limits?

Fortunately, all this is changing. In this interview, I asked menopause expert, Julie Dargan for her best tips for dealing with post-menopausal vaginal dryness. Enjoy the show!

Do you agree that topics related to our post-menopausal bodies need to be brought out into the open? What one question would you like me to ask Julie Dargan in a future interview? Please join the discussion.

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