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5 Life Hacks for Women with Small Heads

By Rosanne Ullman August 06, 2020 Lifestyle

If body shaming ever extends to the very top of the body, I’m ready. No one makes fun of my tiny head more than I do.

Head size isn’t exactly the problem. The circumference of my head is average. But apparently my ears are higher up than those on most people. In addition, the ears themselves are small. If you recognize yourself in that description, I’ve developed a few life hacks you might find helpful.


Head coverings of all varieties slide down past my eyebrows. But I like hats. Outdoors, a hat keeps my hair color from fading, and the visor adds protection for my sun-sensitive eyes. As an accessory, a hat can enhance an outfit or show a woman’s confidence.

To make hats work for me, I came up with these solutions:

Kids’ sizes

I wear baseball caps when I run outside, and even the smallest adult caps knock my sunglasses down my nose a notch. The easiest fix for this is to shop in the children’s department.

The selection of kids’ baseball caps doesn’t differ all that much from the adult choices. While ski caps can be rolled up to more or less fit, the kiddie racks can be an option for those, too.


Instead of a full baseball cap, the visor-only style seems to adjust more easily to a snug fit. It still may rest upon my sunglasses, but at least it doesn’t ride up. While a visor offers no guard against hair color fade, it does have the critical shield for my eyes.

Hats with an Inner Drawstring

I was already in my 60s when a friend clued me into this. I had no idea some “one size fits all” hats come with a drawstring sewed into the inner sweatband. This has truly changed my hat life.

Headphones and Other Ear Issues

I can’t tell you how many headphones in my house sit in a drawer or travel bag, never to be used again. I’ve muddled through dozens, at minimum.

It’s no surprise that over-the-ear headphones leave a huge gap between the headband and my head even on the tightest adjustment. And don’t get me started on earbuds.

I don’t know whether a small upper head correlates with small ears, but for me this is a related issue. No earbud size is small enough to keep the bud from popping out of my minuscule ear canals.

Bone-Conduction Headphones

It was my husband who discovered a recent additional option – bone-conduction headphones. Neither inside the ear nor covering it, these headphones sit comfortably next to the ear. Sound is transmitted through vibrations on the bones of the head and jaw, bypassing the eardrum and reaching the inner ear directly.

The ones I have are a popular brand called Aftershokz Titanium. They’re Bluetooth and handy not just for podcasts and music but also for making phone calls. If only I received a nickel for every time I’ve recommended them! (I don’t.)

Losing Earrings, Anyone?

I also have itty-bitty earlobes or, as the ear-piercer told me when I was 14, no lobes at all. I’m not sure whether that contributes to the reason I used to lose a lot of fishhook-style hanging earrings.

For example, if I slipped a hood off my head, sometimes the earring would become dislodged, and hours later I would realize I was wearing only one earring. Rubber stoppers, available at many craft stores if you can’t find them in a jewelry department, provide an easy workaround for this.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in facing small-head challenges! Everyone has body quirks. Have you devised life hacks to adeptly manage yours? Please share with the community!

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