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6 Surprising Ways Herbal Remedies Can Benefit Your Body After 60

By Sally Wong December 22, 2023 Health and Fitness

When I begin a conversation about the benefits of herbs and herb oils for the body, people unfamiliar with my work assume I am talking about a culinary approach.

They are partly correct. Herbs do offer texture to dishes and add flavor, but they also have a myriad of benefits for the human body.

Herb Oil Uses and Benefits for Older Adults

Herbs come in a variety of forms, including teas and dried leaves. Each oil, whether it comes from a single herb or a combination of herbs, has a specialized benefit or benefits, such as skin therapy, pain relief, anxiety relief, weight loss and management and a variety of other purposes.

Effective and safe ways to administer and use herbal oils include direct application, aromatherapy, household care and natural disinfection. Because herb oils offer hundreds of benefits, and many help with some of the same ailments, I decided to list six different examples that focus heavily on certain health aspects.

The Benefits of Aloe Oil

Aloe oil is popular in the food industry and cosmetics. It is used in a variety of personal care products like lotions, gels, lip balms and other skincare treatments. Another use is as a massage oil because of its pain relieving properties.

Aromatherapists frequently mix aloe oil with other oils in order to enhance its healing properties. It is also found in hair conditioners because aloe oil is used to treat dandruff and dry scalp.

Treatment for insect bites is another use because the oil can help treat swelling and inflammation from stings and insect bites.

In dental care products, the nutrients from the plant assist in the treatment of periodontal disease and it is used as massage oil for gums and teeth because aloe oil reduces plaque, risk of caries (cavities) and the risk of gingivitis.

The Benefits of Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil has a ton of different uses. It is frequently added to creams, lotions, perfumes, detergents and soaps. It is also used to help treat a variety of ailments for eye-related problems. In addition to treating the eyes, it is used to fight anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.

I recommend trying it if you are new to aromatherapy and are having anxiety issues. It is also beneficial to women having menstrual issues and promotes calmness when delivering a baby. In addition, is has these surprising uses: pain relief, sexual stimulation and blood pressure regulation.

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

According to Dr. Mercola’s website, diluted eucalyptus oil administered orally helps with inflammation and pain in the respiratory tract and for a number of ailments, such as coughs, sinus inflammation, asthma, respiratory infections and bronchitis.

Eucalyptus oil soothes mucous membranes in cases like asthma and allergies. I always recommend putting it on a cotton ball to inhale several times a day if you suffer from one or the other. Also, I like to suggest adding it to a nebulizer or water to boost steam therapy. Several drops to hot bath water would do the same.

In addition to respiratory relief, it also helps with the following, as described in Medical News Today: pain relief, stimulation of immune system response and dental health.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil usage has been prevalent since the 1900s. Before the decline of hemp farming in 1937 due to the Marihuana Tax Act, hemp oil was used in drying oils for paints, lamps, wood varnish and printer ink.

Now, hemp oil is known for its health benefits as a medicine, as a food additive and in cosmetics.

The Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of my favorites because of the great medical benefits it has to offer. It is a suitable alternative to Buscopan for relieving colonic spasms, and it also improves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome according to a study outlined in the New York Times.

In addition to those major contributions to medicine, peppermint oil has also been known to aid with other stomach problems, assist with respiratory problems and ease herpes infections.

The Benefits of Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil is wonderful oil for people growing older and dealing with arthritic pain. It is both an analgesic and antirheumatic. Wintergreen oil primarily focuses on pain and joint pain. In addition to those healing properties, I have found it also helps to prevent infection and promote skin and hair health.

These six oils are only a handful of a buffet of natural, healing herbal oils available for sale. Many oils can also be made with dependable recipes online. I hope you find the benefits for each oil as enlightening and helpful as I have on my journey to heal my body naturally.

Editor’s note: None of the information in this article is intended to be medical advice, but we hope that it gives you something to discuss with your doctor on your next visit.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are there any herbal oils that you use on a regular basis? What have been your experiences with these or other herbal oils? Where do you find these for purchase, locally or online? Please join the conversation.

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You never say whether the oils are infused or essential oils. EOs are NOT always safe to put on the skin! This article is very irresponsible for this reason.

Toni Stritzke

Castor oil poultices were suggested to me, to relieve arthritis pain in my wrist. It was so bad I didn’t know where to put my arm to ease the pain. I kept using the poultice for two weeks and since then (touch wood) I’ve had very little pain.
I use a drop of eucalyptus oil when I wash my woollen jumpers as it repels moths.
And reading a medieval mystery novel, I found out that lavender oil was once long ago, used as an antiseptic on wounds .

The Author

Sally Wong is a manual therapist with a passion for seeking holistic approaches to healthcare that complement the use of modern medicine. She is originally from a small town in China and became interested in the healing powers of essential oils by learning about them from her grandmother. You can visit her website here Sally now resides in Vancouver where she enjoys practicing yoga and tai chi in close proximity to the mountains and sea.

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