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Sally Wong is a manual therapist with a passion for seeking holistic approaches to healthcare that complement the use of modern medicine. She is originally from a small town in China and became interested in the healing powers of essential oils by learning about them from her grandmother. You can visit her website here Sally now resides in Vancouver where she enjoys practicing yoga and tai chi in close proximity to the mountains and sea.

Latest Posts By Sally Wong

2 months ago

6 Surprising Ways Herbal Remedies Can Benefit Your Body After 60

When I begin a conversation about the benefits of herbs and herb oils for the body, people unfamiliar with my work assume I am talking about a culinary approach. They are partly correct. Herbs do offer texture to dishes and add flavor, but they…

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1 year ago

Exploring the Surprising Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Mind

Essential oils have garnered a lot of attention lately for their powerful health benefits. You may have come across essential oils being sold in shopping centers, and thought, “Well, they smell good, but do they really have any powers…

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