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A Million Reasons to See the Trees with New Eyes While in Naples, Florida

By Verla Fortier January 19, 2019 Health and Fitness

If you are spending time (with or without chronic disease) in Naples, Florida you may be unaware of why you feel so darn good most of the time. You may think it is the good company, the warm temperature, the beach, the tennis, or the golf. And this may be.

There are another million tiny reasons for your enhanced feeling of wellbeing. These reasons are drifting around you in the Naples air.

Powerful tree air compounds float into Naples from the Everglades. These tree aerosols combine with the local tree molecules creating a potent mix. Rocket fuel.

Tree Aerosols Are a Natural Pharmacy

Research on the health benefits of tree air is not considered conclusive enough because one, we can’t bottle tree air, and two, there is no money in it. However, university-based, peer reviewed research is leading the way on the benefits of spending time near trees.

On my website,, I make it a point to find and share the latest research results on the health benefits of tree air. Tree aerosols are not my secret – everyone should know about them.

That’s why my blog posts often relate aging well and having chronic illness to getting the best of tree air compounds.

The air around all trees is antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. Tree aerosols are a natural pharmacy.

Trees emit these health-giving compounds to protect themselves from danger, as they cannot run away from it. In defence, they produce chemical compounds which function as protective mechanisms against destructive elements.

No Wonder Everyone in Naples, Florida, Is Smiling

The air around the Florida Everglades is unique. The sheer diversity of the plants and trees in this area guarantee a powerful tree air cocktail.

Conifers give off the most tree air biochemicals, and Naples is rich in pine trees and other evergreens. Tropical mangroves have a different structure than all other trees, and Naples has those too.

Tall cypress trees that love to stand in water grow there, in addition to all the subtropical and tropical species that inhabit the area in and around Naples.

No wonder this land is rich in tree aerosols. These health-giving compounds drift down from a mixed tree canopy made of tropical, subtropical, and North American trees. Think of Naples as the United Nations of tree species.

This bio diversity pays us in huge health and happiness dividends. All we have to do is breathe.

Each time Naples residents and visitors go outside they are breathing in tree air therapy. And outside is the way of life in Naples. Here we play, swim, read, and eat outside. The national average of spending 93% of our time inside appears not to apply in Naples. No wonder everyone here is smiling.

Age with Grace and Beauty Like a Naples’ Orchid

The air in and around Naples is so rich that plants can live without soil. Wild and beautiful orchids simply live in the trees. They get their nutrients through aerial roots that shoot in the air surrounding the trees. Orchids get their nutrients from the air, the rain, and the organic material around them.

Let’s do the same. Let’s live and breathe like orchids.

See the Trees in Naples With New Eyes

While in Naples, let’s “drink in the wild tree air” as Thoreau invites us to do. Let’s spend more time near trees. Let’s take our deepest breath of the day around trees.

And together, let’s treasure this dividend: tree air. Let’s soak in the health-giving compounds. Let’s feel better if we have a chronic disease. Let’s live and age with the grace and beauty of an orchid. Let’s breathe like orchids.

Let’s share a tree air cocktail in Naples, Florida, together.

What kinds of trees live near your home? How much time do you spend outside? Do you feel a difference in the air quality when you’re around trees? Please describe the feeling in the comments below.

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The Author

Verla Fortier, a retired professor of nursing, manages her lupus erythematosus by living and playing outside in Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada, on the edge of the boreal forest. For free evidence-based green space health tips visit her website

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