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A “White Shirt” is the Key to Fashion for Women Over 60 (Video)

By Margaret Manning March 24, 2016 Beauty

With regards to fashion for women over 60, few people are as influential as Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon. Beyond being a fabulous dresser, Lyn is also an entertaining writer.

Every week, on her blog, she discusses all aspects of style for older women. In her articles, she argues that clothing is more than just adornment – it is an expression of our individuality. I couldn’t agree more!

One of Lyn’s missions is to help older women to feel confident to dress the way that they want. At the same time, she also offers practical and specific advice.

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, we discuss why every older woman should own a “white shirt.” As you will see, this term is actually much more complex than it appears on the surface. Enjoy the show!

Matching Your Clothes to Your Mood

As we get a little older, it’s natural to wonder whether we should change our style. After all, women in the movies, even the fashionable ones, dress a “certain way.” They tend to avoid bold patterns and bright colors. It’s almost as if society wants our clothes to match the background. Heaven forbid we actually stand out after 60!

If anything, life after 60 gives us a chance to be MORE, not less expressive. Lyn certainly believes this and says that we should select clothing items that match our inner-selves. But, how do you know if the items in your closet reflect the “inner you?”

Lyn has a few ideas. For starters, she reminds us that our feelings change on a daily basis. The inner you is constantly shifting, even if the core stays the same. When you get up in the morning, she recommends asking yourself how you are feeling. Are you feeling confident? Are you worries? Are you perhaps a little nervous? Maybe you are feeling playful today?

It’s a fascinating concept – and one that I can’t wait to try out myself. We are often taught to hide our emotions from the world. Lyn’s approach encourages us to embrace our moods and reflect them in our clothing.

What is YOUR “White Shirt”?

Every woman has at least one outfit that makes them feel like a million bucks. Perhaps it has a story and history of its own. Or maybe it is simply made of a material that makes us feel fantastic. Regardless of the reasons, it is our power piece. The only problem is that we can’t wear it every day. Or can we?

In Lyn’s case, she feels most comfortable in her white shirt. It is her default choice. More important than the specific item is what it tells her about her style. Here’s the crucial point. Every woman should take the time to understand why their “white shirt” is so special.

What is it about the way that it makes you look and feel that you find so compelling? Are there traits that you could look for in other categories of clothing? Your “white shirt” can be your compass as you navigate the world of fashion for women over 60.

What is your “white shirt?” More importantly, what does it tell you about your personal style?

Having Trouble Finding Your White Shirt? Here Are Some Tips

When it comes to defining your personal style, Lyn says that you may need to go back to your childhood. Think back to the times in your past when you felt most connected to your true self. What were you wearing and how did it make you feel? To be clear, it’s not so much the individual clothing items that are important. It is context and style that are important.

For example, when Lyn was a little girl, she was fascinated by the clothing of the nuns who raised her. She was mesmerized by their flowing black and white costumes. This is one of the reasons that black and white form the basis for many of our outfits.

The bottom line is that it is absolutely possible to choose cuts and fabrics that flatter your body type, while being true to yourself. As with many of the fashion experts that I have interviewed, Lyn starts with classical items and layers her style on top of them. At the same time, she isn’t scared to step out of the box and experiment.

Lyn’s final piece of advice is so important. She says that you should wear clothing that “makes you feel like you.” For us older women, building our personal style may require us to go back in time. There are many threads that we need to pull together – literally and figuratively. So, it’s time to get stitching!

For more fashion tips, please don’t forget to visit the Accidental Icon.

What is your favorite item of clothing? Why is it special to you and what do you think it says about your personal style? Please join the conversation.

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