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6 Empowering Steps for Adopting New Beliefs

By Joanie Marx January 28, 2022 Mindset

What is it that you truly desire in your life?

It is a question all of us, at some point, have pondered. Whatever your answer is, one thing is for certain.

To enhance your life by manifesting your desires into a new reality, will require letting go of limiting beliefs to make room for new, more empowering ones.

In this third article of a three-part series on letting go of limiting beliefs and how to adopt new ones, I will share with you “Six Empowering Steps for Adopting New Beliefs.”

Step 1: Make a List of Your Desires

The very first thing to do when adopting new beliefs is to make a list of your desires. Let us go back to the question at the beginning of the article.

What is it that you truly desire in your life?

This can be answered in a more general approach, or you can narrow it down to one or more specific areas of your life.

Create some quiet time to consider your answers and allow yourself to experience how they make you feel. Also, be sure to write your answers in a journal.

Step 2: Uncover Beliefs for Birthing Your Inner Desires

Whether it is adopting entirely new beliefs or a modification of existing beliefs, it is essential you have clarity on what is needed for your inner desires to become real and sustainable.

Therefore, your second step involves uncovering which beliefs are required to bring your inner desires into a physical reality.

Which of these beliefs have you struggled with in the past and which ones are new ideas? Be sure to journal your answers as well as write out the beliefs required for birthing your inner desires.

Step 3: Recognize What Old Beliefs Are Holding You Back

When your inner desires are supported by your beliefs, the positive changes you seek are much easier to manifest, especially in the face of outside obstacles. For things to get easier you will want to know which beliefs are currently serving your highest good and which ones are not.

The third step, then, is to recognize what old, limiting beliefs you are holding onto that are currently blocking you from doing, being and having what your heart desires.

Although you may already be familiar with some of these limiting beliefs, be sure to write them out and get clear on where these beliefs are stemming from.

Step 4: Connect Limiting Beliefs to Inner Dialogue

Your inner critic speaks to you through your deepest fears, wounds, and self-doubt.

This inner dialogue has gone on for so long that you can erroneously identify your inner critic as your authentic voice.

That is why your fourth step is connecting your limiting beliefs to the ongoing dialogue you have with yourself.

When you tune into the inner dialogue with your inner critic, you will be able to hear and feel the true nature of its messages and connect your limiting beliefs to them.

Create some time to consciously observe how your limiting beliefs are connected to your inner dialogue and journal these experiences.

Step 5: Be Clear on What Beliefs You Are Investing in

When it comes to creating positive change in your life, what you are really investing in is not a physical outcome.

You are investing in your beliefs.

You cannot invest in both the old beliefs and new beliefs simultaneously and expect to receive the outcomes in life you truly desire and deserve.

With that in mind, the fifth step is to make a conscious choice between whether you are going to continuously invest in your old beliefs or go all-in and invest 100% in your new beliefs.

To understand this choice is to recognize that every choice you make in life carries with it an investment for a desired outcome. Create some time to journal what is at stake for your life right now if you invest 100% of your attention on adopting these new beliefs.

Step 6: Clarity

The sixth and final step to adopting new beliefs is all about clarity.

If you are unclear or unsure about what it is you desire, there will be little motivation to take inspired action on your desires. This lack of clarity will negatively affect your ability to sustain the energy required to adopt new beliefs when faced with obstacles.

Clarity, therefore, leads to enhanced awareness for creating a happier and more fulfilling life on your terms, and not on the terms imposed on you by other people.

To help with this, journal where and how your inner critic and the limiting beliefs of others have kept you confused and/or frustrated with how to bring your inner desires into fruition.

With a newfound sense of clarity, the new direction for your life’s pathway for this year and beyond will become easier and much more fulfilling.

What limiting beliefs have been stunting your life? When did you recognize them for what they were? What new beliefs are you going to create? In what way will they express your true self?

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Joanie Marx is a three-time bestselling author and the creator of the new, groundbreaking Refocus & Renew Your Life® online course series on Udemy. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Psychology, and a leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life.

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