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Top 5 Aerial Trams for Travelers!

By Sue Rudolph April 16, 2024 Travel

One aspect of travel that people often overlook is transportation. Whether you travel by boat on a day trip, or by train over the course of several nights, your mode of transit within your overall travel plans can provide a singular perspective on a foreign city or country.

While aerial trams can be built to transport objects and people over long and difficult distances, their utilization in the tourism industry has allowed riders to experience some breathtaking natural wonders, and learn more about a nation’s culture.

Also referred to as cable cars or ropeways, these trams are excellent methods of transportation for passengers looking to experience a new place (and reach new heights!), without a prolonged, physically taxing hike. So come aboard as we start our journey exploring the Top 5 Aerial Trams for Travelers!

Langkawi Skycab (Malaysia)

Explore the wonderful tropical country of Malaysia with a view of the best scenery it has to offer. Riders experience an unparalleled glimpse of the local rainforest over the course of the 1.4-mile, 15-minute journey.

Passengers can book a variety of gondolas to suit their needs, from open-air cabs to private cars. Loved ones can try the VIP gondola experience, which includes food and drinks, as well as accompanying music played over the course of the ride.

Your Skycab trip will take you up Gunung Machinchang, the second-highest mountain in the region. When you reach the summit, take in the stunning panoramic views of the island’s beaches, cliffs, and mangroves.

Sugarloaf Cable Cars (Brazil)

Bodinho is the term for cable car in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. In the country’s iconic city of Rio de Janeiro, riders can ascend the 1,299-foot tall Sugarloaf mountain on a cable car ride that’s enjoyed by over a million tourists each year.

You can easily spend a whole day on the mountain, which features restaurants, walking trails, gardens, children’s play areas, and gift shops. When you first arrive, take a walk to nearby Praia Vermelha, and immerse yourself in the lovely Brazilian beachside scenery.

The first leg of the tramway route brings you to the Morro station, located a height of 722 feet above sea level. Those willing to make the much steeper ride to Sugarloaf’s summit will be granted the opportunity to experience unique panoramic views. These feature the landmarks of Copacabana beach and Mount Corcovado, home of the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

Roosevelt Island Tramway (New York City)

If you look up in the sky while driving through the Manhattan expressways near the East River, you may see these iconic red cable cars gliding between the city and its namesake island. An underrated slice of NYC, Roosevelt Island features the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, the remnants of a smallpox hospital and an insane asylum, in addition to a picturesque lighthouse that offers a great spot for picnics and fishing.

However, the tram stands as an attraction on its own. It provides a new perspective on New York City’s hallmark brownstones and bridges from 250 feet in the air over a brisk, four-minute ride.

Ngong Ping 360 (Hong Kong)

Opened in September 2006, this experience has become one of Hong Kong’s “must-see” attractions. With a 360-degree view of the mountains and waterways of Lantau Island, Asia’s longest bi-cable aerial tram takes you from the city of Tung Chung to the historic Ngong Ping Village.

There you’ll find many Buddhist landmarks that are sure to instill an appreciation for the island’s history and culture, including the Po Lin Monastery, and the jaw-dropping Big Buddha, which stands over 110 feet tall.

Folks can upgrade their standard cabin to a private car or a glass-bottom cab, for an additional cost. The entire aerial journey is about 25 minutes, leaving you with plenty of time to relax and take pictures of your surroundings.

Stanserhorn CabriO (Switzerland)

The roofless upper deck of this cable car allows riders to experience the Alps in a whole new way. You’ll arrive to the Stans village base station in a 19-century iron and wood funicular train, before taking the 25-minute journey to the top of the Stanserhorn mountain.

The summit offers gorgeous views of Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus, and the Bernese Alps. Passengers can take a guided circular summit walk with rangers and eat local cuisine in the revolving Rondorama restaurant, which offers diners a panoramic Swiss Alps experience at over six thousand feet.

Meals like schnitzel and goulash soup are made with fresh, local ingredients, and candlelit dinners are offered on Friday and Saturday.

Thank you for taking this journey with Absolutely Amazing Travel.


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Palm Springs CA
Aspen CO

Lisa Stege

I would have to include two that I have experienced: there is one from the floor of Palm Springs up to the top of Mt San Jacinto. Should be easy to Google. There may be snow at the top after leaving hot Palm Springs. The other one is similar in the changes of climate that you experience; it is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and travels to the top of the Sandia mountains, where there is a restaurant and skiing at the top. The view to the west is infinite.

Sue Rudolph

I have experienced the Palm Springs Tram a few times. I enjoyed it. You can do some hiking a the top. I haven’t been t the one in Albuquerque yet.

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