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Signs of Animal Spirit Guides in Times of Uncertainty

By T. Kari Mitchell June 30, 2021 Mindset

I was sitting in my favorite chair, pen poised over notepaper, wondering how to introduce this heartwarming post, when I caught a glimpse of a large shadow moving past my living room window. I glanced outside but didn’t see anything unusual, so I continued to reflect on my topic while admiring the verdant landscape.

Then in a flash, a small doe quickly ambled past the trees, around the rear of my home and out onto the main drive. If I had blinked at that second… I smiled, certain that the deer caused the shadow and even more certain that it was my sign – my inspiration to share my thoughts with you about animal sightings.

Looking for Encouragement

Have you ever needed assurance that you’re on the right track with your personal and professional goals – that the actions you initiated are appropriate strategies and aligned with your intentions? Sometimes we need encouragement to keep us moving forward, and that encouragement can show up from the natural world.

I never used to pay much attention to animals that graced my space. But when, two years ago, certain spirit allies began showing up at auspicious times, I became curious and started researching their symbolism and the personal messages they may be trying to convey. Now, when animals appear unexpectedly in my life, I take notice.

The purpose of spirit guides is to inspire us and offer emotional support and wisdom about our lives and circumstances. They sometimes visit during times of uncertainty and can be a blessing if our hearts are open to receiving their gifts.

Of course, you would expect to see squirrels, birds, deer and raccoons while hiking in the woods, but what does it mean when they appear at your doorstep and linger for a while? I’d like to share three memorable sightings that may cause you to take pause when you’re plotting your path.

The Robin – a Symbol of Passion

According to legend, a robin is a divine bird, symbolizing passion, new beginnings, patience, and wisdom.

Early one morning, prior to the launch of my women’s empowerment program, I was feeling a little down and found myself contemplating my future. I was in the process of doing a new thing in my life and had been working on my dream project for several years. Divine Spirit continues to support me on this exciting journey, and I have witnessed tremendous progress.

However, my full vision has not yet come to fruition. I know in my heart and soul that what I’m creating will not only benefit me, but will inspire many others to live their best life. Although my belief system is solid, that morning I needed a positive, tangible sign to keep me focused and energized.

While lying in bed completing my spiritual work, I recited a passionate prayer concerning my intentions and expressed my desire to be acknowledged. Am I on the right track? I had no expectation of what that sign would look like or when it would appear, only that there would be no doubt it was the Universe communicating with me.

I opened my blinds to the sunshine and lay back on my pillow to reflect further, offering praise for my bountiful blessings, and to focus on my breath. I was just about ready to get up when I saw a lovely robin with its carrot-colored breast land on the naked maple tree branch growing outside my window.

Still and silent, the feathered beauty remained perched there facing in my direction long enough for me to mentally engage with it. Our eyes seemed to lock. Could it actually see me or was it looking at its reflection?

I decided to be still, too, cautious not to startle my messenger. Ecstatic, I whispered under my breath, “You are so colorful and lovely. Thank you for showing up at the right time to comfort me.”

After a few minutes of indulging me with its graceful presence, my robin ruffled its feathers and flew off. Could there be more birds flying around outside my window? Nope. I checked. This particular robin was my sign! My assurance!

I see robins all year while on my daily treks, but this one seemed to search me out as I rested inside my home. This experience provided me with renewed hope and faith. Feeling uplifted and inspired, I began my day with newfound energy and clarity, confident that I was on the right track.

The Deer – a Sign of Confidence

Spiritually speaking, the deer is a highly intuitive totem that symbolizes confidence, peace and grace.

Another remarkable experience was so astonishing that I almost tripped over my own feet trying to grab my camera before it was too late. I was returning home from an afternoon of holiday shopping when something immediately drew me to the lower level of my home.

Outside my window was the largest deer with the most stunning antlers I had ever seen – so close that it blocked most of the natural sunlight shining through the panels – and so conveniently positioned that I could have reached through the screen and touched it. I was wowed and thanked this majestic beauty for inviting itself over for this timely encounter.

For about 10 minutes, it remained as still as a statue, then dashed off. Had I been a few minutes earlier or later, I would have missed my glorious gift. I had been feeling a little anxious all week regarding a business strategy, and my deer provided joy, peace and inspiration.

Deer mythology varies from culture to culture, but common motifs are regeneration, being gentle with yourself, and maneuvering through challenges with grace and confidence.

The Squirrel – a Balance Messenger

Folk tales and ancient story traditions depict the squirrel as an ardent messenger: Gather and prepare for the future, but take time to enjoy life.

One afternoon, I had been staring into the computer screen for hours working on a project when I was overcome with fatigue. I just happened to turn towards my office window and saw a squirrel scurry up the tall maple tree outside my window, blend in with the dense foliage and rest on one of the branches.

Pleasantly entertained by its presence, I got up to monitor its next move, but apparently it had decided to laze there for an extended siesta. By now I was feeling refreshed from my unscheduled intermission, so I decided to refocus my attention on conquering the last section of my project. When I was finished, I noticed my companion had departed.

Are you familiar with Highlights Magazine? As a kid, I recall trying to find objects in the hidden-picture puzzle. My squirrel was so well camouflaged that I would not have discovered its hidden figure if I had not seen it dash up the tree.

It offered a reprieve from my grueling task – a welcomed diversion that required me to stop, breathe and reenergize. Squirrel totems represent preparedness, rest, multitasking, and reminders to balance work and play.

How Receptive Are We in Our Daily Life?

Animals are integrated into our daily experiences and can offer support, protection and wisdom for those who are receptive to their blessings. Also, the topic of spirit guides and animal sightings can provide fodder for further exploration and fascinating discussions with those who share common interests.

Do you sometimes feel that your prayers are falling on deaf ears? Pay attention to the subtle signals that appear on your path. Ernest Hemingway said, “We have to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs.”

Sometimes we may not be shown a sign, especially when making major decisions. Believe anyway! Ask for guidance, meditate and trust your intuition. Have faith that the Universe will offer support and back your best interests – possibly through the natural world of wildlife.

Have you ever been inspired by wildlife? In what way? Have you developed a relationship with a spirit animal? Please explain in the comment box below!

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