Andrea Pflaumer, author of the Amazon best-selling book Shopping for the Real You, writes and blogs from her home in Northern California. Her first online course in the Fashion Perfection series is entitled: Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically.

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2 weeks ago

Too Lazy to Shop for Clothes? You Are Not Alone!

My question is: Why do you think of yourself as lazy? Often, what we think is laziness is just a natural response to uncertainty or insecurity. The entire fashion industry is based on insecurity. The entire fashion industry is based on insecurity…

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1 month ago

Does Minimalist Style Make Us Invisible?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about minimalist fashion. At its core, it can be described as a Classic, unadorned, neutral-colored, or solid-colored, wardrobe made up of high-quality interchangeable pieces and little to no “logo” accessories…

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3 months ago

7 Packing Tips for Summer Travel

Vacations in the summer months usually involve traveling to warmer destinations where we can just let go and relax. But preparing for any travel can be anything but relaxing. So here are some fundamental things to consider…

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4 months ago

When Should You Give Away Your Jewelry? (VIDEO)

My mother had a fabulous collection of what is now called “fashion” jewelry, much of it acquired through her sister’s costume jewelry company. One of the greatest thrills of my childhood was walking through the aisles of stacked wooden drawers at my aunt’s…

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5 months ago

Can You “Buy” Good Fashion Taste?

In a book review about good taste, Jeffrey Felner, the witty and often acerbic arbiter of fashion, suggested that, yes, you can learn tricks to develop your personal style, but taste isn’t something you can learn; you’re either born with it or you’re not….

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6 months ago

Sheer Clothing Styles for Older Women? Is This Serious?

Every few years some designer gets the hare-brained idea to feature sheer, see-through clothes on women models. In some earlier years these models wore attractive undergarments, making the “costume” (because that’s what it was, basically) less shocking…

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7 months ago

What Is in Your Retirement Wardrobe?

Have you considered that much of how we see ourselves in the world is expressed through what we wear? The pandemic proved to be an identity killer, among other things, as it made us live in sweats and athleisure outfits day in and day out for quite some time…

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8 months ago

Paco Rabanne, a Man of and Ahead of His Time

One of the iconic images that defined our youth was that of Jane Fonda in a post-apocalyptic metal and mesh green mini dress in the film Barbarella. That dress, and all of her costumes for that film, were designed by the eclectic, ground-breaking designer…

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9 months ago

Best of Winter Sales 2023

What are the best things to shop for in January? Well, this year, almost everything! Almost all stores and websites were already offering some pretty deep discounts before and throughout the holidays. But if you’re in need of some winter items…

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10 months ago

Taking Fashion Inspiration from Icons Over 70

Last month we explored what we can wear after we turn 70. But that begs the question, “Who dresses like me? Where can I find some inspiration?” As with any marginalized group, older women are disproportionately under-represented in the media…

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