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2 months ago

How Mammograms Look at the Older Breast… and New 3D Options

I was recently visiting with a friend who is the chief radiologist at a small hospital in New York. He is a gentle, thoughtful guy. As such, I was a bit taken aback when he proclaimed that he wished we could just throw mammography out…

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6 months ago

4 Helpful Tips for Sharing a Bed After 60

I am lucky enough to live with a loved one – nothing to be taken for granted as we age. Additionally, we still share a bed. Problem is, as you get older, comfort during your sleep time seems increasingly vital. As a result, sharing a bed can be both a blessing…

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7 months ago

3 Tips for Managing Skin Tags as You Get a Little Older

I’m not the only woman with Acrochordon. This is not wishful thinking. You probably do too. “What?’” you ask. Well, what if I called it skin tags? Ah, yes. Even if I didn’t know the prevalence of the strange–looking little things, I have had friends…

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10 months ago

20 Ways to Replace New Year’s Resolutions with a Focus on Progress

As we know after all these years, it’s challenging to maintain a commitment to change. And it gets worse as we age. Younger adults achieve their goals to readapt at a percentage twice as high as those over 60…

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11 months ago

Why We Need More Women in Politics and Advertising

Recently, I was talking to friends in the League of Women Voters about the place of women in elected office. The League accepts men as well, but we just happened to be contemplating why women (young or older) are still not…

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1 year ago

Saving Family Memories Will Pay Dividends for Generations to Come

I am sure you recall hearing kids groaning ‘oh, not that story again.’ It might have been in a private setting or embarrassingly public, but the sagging shoulders and bored faces are the same. You might even have been one of those offspring once. Read More

2 years ago

1 Tip to Minimize the “Balloon Butt” While Honoring Our Older Bodies

Women seem far ahead of men in understanding the detriments of ‘body shaming.’ At least we, as a culture, have come to realize that the Barbie doll resembles reality in very few ways. Read More

2 years ago

How Gazingus Pin Awareness Can Save You Big Bucks After 60

Taxes aren’t handled the same worldwide. As tax time in the US has recently come and gone, my blood pressure will stabilize and profound sighs diminish. Now it’s a good time to concentrate on another money issue – namely, what we buy. Read More

5 years ago

15 Quick Tips for Using Essential Waters to Sooth Your Body and Mind

In my previous article, Discovering Hydrosols, I covered the production and cautions of essential oils (EO) and hydrosols, a type of aromatic water, also known as essential waters. Read More

5 years ago

Discovering Hydrosols, Powerful Secret Ingredients for the Body and Home

Womanly skills are simply not my forte. So, it wasn’t a complete surprise that I had never heard the word – or learned about – hydrosol. That was about to change. Hydrosols are aromatic waters that remain after steam or hydro distilling of botanical materials…

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