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Becky is a nationally known speaker and author providing presentations that relate to her personal journey about retirement and long-term financial planning. She is the author of two critically acclaimed books, Hiding in My Pajamas and A Classic in Clown Shoes. Becky can be found at

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5 months ago

The Wrinkles No One Wants to Have

One morning, as I was putting makeup on, I was taking a serious look at my reflection. This in my make-up mirror, which of course was magnified for maximum detection of everything you really do not want to see. Looking closely…

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2 years ago

I Choose Me! Becoming Your Own Best Advocate in the Years After 60

Being the product of an abusive father, I grew up a people pleaser. By constantly trying to please him, I learned to survive. In doing so, for years I kept lying to my inner self. We all know we should never lie to ourselves…

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3 years ago

Can We Appreciate the Value of Human Life at Any Age?

There has been so much conversation, all around the world, about the value of life once a person reaches 65. Ultimately, this begs the question: what is lacking within us that we can so casually discuss the disposability of our elders?

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4 years ago

Socially Acceptable Weight Gain? Yup, It’s a Thing!

I stepped off the bathroom scale, looked in the mirror and thought, “Really!” That scale has been totally off the last two months, so I knew it was definitely time for me to kick it to the corner and social distance. Or maybe I should move…

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5 years ago

Surprised by Age: Taking Off the Invisibility Cloak Is Not as Easy When You Reach 60

Why is it that, as we age, we are constantly being told what we should or should not be doing? “You are too old to be doing that” permeates our lives on a daily basis, especially if you are over 65…

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