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Brenda Ferguson Hodges is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. She is a former Fortune 500 HR Director and Certified Image Consultant. Brenda helps women dress for the job they want, at any age. Her mission is to help women create a fabulous first impression by tapping into their own authentic style. You can visit her website here

Latest Posts By Brenda Ferguson Hodges

2 months ago

Fashion Over 60: 5 Stylish Clothing Items You Can Wear After 60… Even if You Think You Can’t!

As a woman over 60 interested in looking and feeling good, you’ve probably asked these questions at one point: Can I wear that? Will I look good in that? Am I too old to wear that? Do I have the right body type to wear that?

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2 years ago

5 Ways to Discover Your Skills and Start a New Career After 50

You will be surprised how many opportunities you will have to showcase your unique skills during the job interview. These skills will help you to get hired. Thinking about this ahead of time will help you present a confident attitude and image…

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6 years ago

7 Huge Fall Fashion for Women Over 60 Trends

Goodbye summer! Hello fall!

The fall fashion and colors are officially in retail stores and online. You will find a variety of styles and colors for the season. Read More

7 years ago

5 Simple Tips to Feel More Confident About Your Style After 60

Do you sometimes feel uncertain about your outfit selections and not sure how to boost your confidence? Real confidence comes with accepting your personal quirks and working with them. In this way, you can dress with confidence by knowing your look and playing to your personal strengths. Here are five “feel good” style secrets. Read More

7 years ago

5 Tips for Expressing Your Lifestyle Through Your Style After 60

Is your closet jam-packed with clothing you no longer wear? Would you like to try a new look, improve your image or gain more confidence? What about your hairstyle? Do you wear it the same way all the time because you don’t know what to do with it? Read More