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5 Tips for Expressing Your Lifestyle Through Your Style After 60

Is your closet jam-packed with clothing you no longer wear? Would you like to try a new look, improve your image or gain more confidence? What about your hairstyle? Do you wear it the same way all the time because you don’t know what to do with it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to refresh. Here are five easy ways to update your look to embrace your lifestyle.

Identify Your Lifestyle to Get More from Your Style After 60

You will save lots of money and have something to wear every day once you identify what type of clothing belongs in your closet. You will never say you have nothing to wear ever again.

Identify your lifestyle by answering the following three questions:

Where do you go? What do you do? And what do you need to wear?

The answers to these questions change throughout your life. Student, young professional, working parent, at home mom, returning professional and retiree. All our lives we live through a succession of roles.

Consider your current lifestyle by determining what clothing categories match the following lifestyle categories: career clothing in proportion to your working hours; casual/sportswear in proportion to your at-home time; after-five clothing in proportion to your evening occasions, and at-leisure wear in proportion to your fitness and sports, or leisure time.

The category that you scored the highest is where you should have the majority of clothing in your closet. For example, if you are currently employed outside the home, then the majority of your clothing should be work attire (80%) with less for weekend or at-home (5%) and a couple of evening pieces for attending activities such as holiday parties or socials.

Overall, most your closet should consist of one of the categories with sprinkles of the rest, all determined by how much you wear each type of clothing.

Clean Out and Organize Your Closet

First of all, remove any clothing that you haven’t worn for two years. If the pieces are in excellent condition, you can make money by taking them to a consignment store or creating an online closet at I use the site and it’s easy to use and really works. Be aware they take a small percentage of the sales, but overall, it’s a great resource. You can also donate any clothing to your favorite charity.

Second, make three piles: items that fit you well and make you feel great, items that need tailoring and are still in style, items to donate or toss.

Clearing out the clutter will help you assess what you still need to make a stylish new wardrobe. Let’s use what you already own!

Next, it’s time to organize your closet. All you have to do is coordinate “like” with “like”, meaning, hang similar colors with similar items. For example, hang all the red dresses together, and continue with other types of clothing and colors.

Once your closet is organized, then take a basic piece and see if you can create several outfits. For example, with a basic pair of pants, combine a colored blouse and a demin jacket with accessories and shoes. I bet you can find additional items in your closet to go with that same pair of pants, maybe a blazer and a crisp white blouse. Try different pieces of clothing and see how many outfits you can create. You might be surprised how many outfits are in your closet as well as match your lifestyle.

Get a Really Great Haircut

A new haircut always looks fresh and clean, especially for spring and summer, but if you only get a trim a few times a year this may be a dramatic change. While you may know what type of style you want, make sure it’s the right style for your facial shape. Google “The Best Hairstyles for Face Shapes” and you will be able to determine what style is best for you.

Make sure the hairstyle matches your lifestyle. If you are retired, you do not want a lot of maintenance. You need a look that is easy to care for, is flattering on you, and makes you feel amazing!

Revive Your Eyebrows

Make sure your brows are shaped to your face. Well-groomed brows shape the frame of your eyes and highlight your best facial features. In fact, your brows can make you look put together even on a makeup-free day.

The trick to finding the best brow is to first determine your face shape. Locate an experienced brow specialist in your area. You can find one in hair or nail salons. The right eyebrow shape will brighten your appearance and make you look youthful. Next, decide what color brow suits you the best, and then decide what features you want to highlight the most.

Try Something Different and Add Something New

Congratulations! You’ve cleared out your closet, you have items that coordinate with your lifestyle, and you have room to fill in gaps of what you need.

Trying clothing that is out of the ordinary is always fun. As an alternate to a solid top and bottom, try a compelling cut floral or print dress. If you’re stuck buying the same old slacks, try wearing the at-leisure look, which is sporty and comfortable.

It’s now on trend to mix prints instead of matching them, so if you like that look, you should be able to find more outfits from what you have in your wardrobe. Try mixing and you will be amazed how good it looks on you.

Also, try adding something new to your spring and summer outfits to feel more refreshed and stylish. Sneakers are making a fashion statement this spring. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants and the best part – they are comfortable too!

Try florals or new colors like blush, which is a light pinkish color for the season. Additional colors for the season include teal, orange, yellow, hot pink and green. You can also add a colorful handbag to an outfit to make it pop. Add color to your outfits and notice how great and up-to-date you feel.

How would you describe your style? Do you have clothing in your closet that you no longer wear? If so, does your clothing embrace your current lifestyle? How do you plan to update your look this year? Which idea will you use to update your look? Please share in the comments below.

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