Dami Roelse encourages her clients to live life with engagement. She blogs and coaches women 50+ to walk, hike and backpack. Her second book, Walking Gone Wild: How to Lose your Age on the Trail, was published in May 2018. You can find out more about Dami at Transformation Travel http://www.transformation-travel.com

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2 weeks ago

Every Year After 60 Deserves a Re-Boot! Where Will You Go?

The desert spreads out below me as I pick my way on the rocky trail. Yesterday’s deep purple of Chinese lantern flowers lining the path has changed to soft lavender phacelia and bright orange mallow. Life at the speed of two miles…

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2 months ago

Beauty Starts at Your Feet! 4 Ways to Care for Your Feet After 60 (And 6 Painful Conditions to Avoid)

For women, the question “Do I look good?” points at appearance, body shape, face, and hair. We use make-up and skin care to hide blemishes, change our facial color, accentuate the eyes and mouth…

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5 months ago

4 Things Most People Don’t Get About Loneliness After 50

I encountered loneliness in my late teens. Even though I was born into a large family and connected with friends through school and university, I felt the acute existential loneliness that comes with an inquiring mind…

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10 months ago

Doing Housework Can Be a Gift After 60… No, Seriously!

By the time we have crossed the 60 timeline, housework is probably the last thing on our mind. Let alone housework on a sunny summer day. You will think, “There are better things to do with my time.” That maybe so, but let’s not…

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11 months ago

Are Your Clothes Enhancing or Impairing Your Lifestyle After 60?

I want to talk about fashion that enhances our lifestyle. Is your lifestyle healthy with lots of movement? Do you enjoy hobbies that dirty your clothes? Are you attending small group events? Do you travel or like relaxing at home? These activities require…

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1 year ago

Should You Worry About Your Bone Density? Here’s How to Combat Thinning Bones

Thinning of the bones is inevitable for women after 60, right? For 10 years I was hovering in the osteopenia range, blond, blue-eyed, with Northern European heritage. I thought I had to just live with it, swallow my calcium…

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2 years ago

Recognizing Your Potential as a Woman in Midlife and Beyond

Women over 60 may remember our younger days when we fought for the acknowledgement of women as equals. When we wanted to be “seen” for who we really were. Gone were the days of subservience to the patriarchal structure…

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2 years ago

5 Reasons for Taking Up the Walking Life in Retirement

Walking is touted as good for our health, our emotional well-being and our social connections. I want to give you 5 more reasons. Read More

2 years ago

How to Rock It the Mature Way in the New Year: Downsizing Your Habits as Your New Resolution!

You’ve heard it: New Year’s resolutions don’t last! This doesn’t mean that you can’t take stock of what you want in life. The still dark, shorter days of January in the Northern hemisphere are the perfect time for taking stock. Read More

2 years ago

Happiness with Less: How to Achieve It Through the Holidays and into the New Year 

One by one I picked up the memories wrapped in each ornament and hung them on the tree. Pictures materialized in my mind of a beloved’s head bent while creating these ornaments in his shop, little fingers gingerly gluing a star on a felt Christmas tree, a friend’s offering of a token of nature, a sister’s foreboding of a life passing. These are my company in the dark days of December. Read More