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Darlene McCarthy Barnfield is a freelance journalist and author of the travel blog Traversing the Triangle. A former television news anchor and reporter, radio talk show host and magazine columnist, she writes about the gift of travel and how its perspective-altering quality enriches, teaches and inspires us. Please check her website here

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3 months ago

Was Turning 60 an Unhappy Birthday for You?

Celebrating 60 was a long time in coming for me. “It’s shocking,” I would say to friends as it started to sink in that August was right around the corner, and I was fast approaching a milestone I did not look forward to. My reaction would not have surprised anyone. I had always been age averse…

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6 years ago

What to Do If You Are a MAWIM or a Middle Aged Woman in Menopause

Labels can be necessary, helpful or, sometimes, just plain insulting. MAWIM is an acronym I encountered in a local travel piece, and it stands for Middle Aged Women in Menopause. I immediately cringed. But read on. Read More