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Deborah Drezon Carroll is an author of two parenting books, a memoir and a children's picture book. She's a former teacher and educational publisher. Her husband Ned and their girls are a family of educators. They live in and around Philadelphia and spend summers on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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1 year ago

6 Ways Being 60 Takes You Back to the 60s

There’s a lot to love about being in your 60s. And, if you are 60, you may remember the 1960s. That may depend on how many mind-altering experiences you had in the 1960s, however. These two “60s” have a great deal in common…

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2 years ago

Have You Told Your Grandchild Their Backstory? You Should!

When our first grandchild was born, I was enveloped with the sense of continuity, similar to the feeling that I had when my first child was born. I could almost viscerally feel the past flowing through me to the future, to him…

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8 years ago

5 Reasons that I Love Babysitting For My Grandchild

I have an appointment every Monday afternoon and Tuesday, all day. It’s with a VIP and it’s a job of sorts. It doesn’t pay much, but it makes me feel rich beyond words. It’s also exhausting. I am one of the new corps of volunteer grandparents but I’m volunteering very close to home: in my own family. Read More

8 years ago

Grandmothers Ain’t What They Used To Be!

There’s an American folksong, by an author unknown, titled, “The Old Gray Mare.” In it, the chorus opines, “The old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago.” The history of the song is also unknown. Some believe it’s about a racehorse. Read More

8 years ago

Modern Grandmas Love Their Stilettos

Chances are, if you’re a grandmother, you don’t look a whole lot like your mother’s grandmother. Not that there was anything wrong with her! Read More