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Deborah Garratt is a Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, and Blogger who specializes in Women in Full Bloom, meaning women over 40 years old. She helps and empowers women to heal, rediscover themselves, and create the life of their dreams.

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8 months ago

My 5-Step Guide for Dealing with Aging

I can’t remember who said that “aging is not for the weak.” And if you think about it, that’s very true. In working with hundreds of women over the age of 40, I have learned that the aging process effects every woman differently. Some gracefully slide…

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8 months ago

Is It Time to Face and Purge Your Closet?

You can learn a lot about a woman by looking at her closet. Some closet spaces are tidy and arranged by color while others are in disarray with heaps of clothes that didn’t quite make it onto a hangar. I think that the way we feel about our aging bodies…

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9 months ago

The Power of Going Within

The process of life has a way of changing how we see ourselves. Women, in order to survive the journey, have to constantly adjust themselves, and often, in doing so, lose sight of who they really are. Most of us don’t come to this realization…

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10 months ago

How We Develop Female Friendships Through Life

Most female friendships start in college and during the early years of marriage. Some women are fortunate and develop long-lasting friendships in high school or as far back as childhood. I was not one of those lucky women. I have always been perplexed…

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11 months ago

Thinking About Going Grey? Here’s What to Really Expect

As we age, Mother Nature has a way of softening our appearance. Our hair turns grey in an attempt to create a softening halo around our face which is succumbing to gravity and the loss of moisture and collagen. A darker, fuller mane of hair might be too harsh…

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2 years ago

The Other Covid Healthcare Crisis

There is no doubt that the Covid virus has tested humanity in many ways. It seems to be a huge wake-up call that, apparently, we all needed. It essentially forced us all to slow and then hunker down with only our nearest and dearest…

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3 years ago

The Impact of Covid on Our Sense of Beauty

At the onset of Covid, I don’t think that any of us dreamed that we would still be restricted by it over a year and a half later. I gave the whole situation three months tops… shows what I know. For those of you who had the foresight to invest in more leggings…

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