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Deby Hogue knows a little about cooking and baking. On her blog, she is sharing her sweet life in the jungle of Costa Rica. Born and raised in California, Deby and her husband of 42 years built their “rancho” and retired to enjoy the ocean, nice food, beautiful people in their community and their family.

Latest Posts By Deby Hogue

7 months ago

Family and Friends Got the Fall Blues? Warm Them Up with These Comfort Foods

Fall is in the air. At this time of year, I think about coffee cakes and small sweets to have with a nice cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon. I dream about sitting by a fire, or looking out a window on a cold day. But alas, I remember that I am in Costa Rica…

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11 months ago

Appreciating Nature’s Gifts, Plus My Thin Focaccia Recipe

It’s the rainy season here in Costa Rica and it makes me think of comfort food. Only one small problem, it’s hot out! So I am dreaming of a hot bowl of soup. I love lentil soup with a dollop of pesto on top, or maybe a good vegetable soup. Oh and some bread…

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2 years ago

Small Meals are Special! Why I Love Cooking for One or Two People

Sometimes cooking for one or two seems like a real bother. Many of us have been cooking for four or more people our whole lives. So to cook for just ourselves sometimes is, well, not fun. Take heart, and I am talking literally about our hearts…

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3 years ago

Reconnecting With Baking In Your 60s – Plus My Yummy Skillet Bread Recipe!

Cooking when we were young is a whole different animal then it is in our 60’s. Don’t you think? We did it because we more or less had to put food on the table. Kids were hungry, husband came home hungry. So really we would just throw…

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3 years ago

My Delicious Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

As the winter weather approaches, many of us are ready to break out our favorite homemade soup recipes. So, today, I want to share one of my absolute favorites – homemade chicken tortilla soup. It’s easy to make, good…

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8 years ago

Should I Give Up on Retiring in Costa Rica to be with My Grandson?

Retiring in Costa Rica was a game changer for us, but, we wanted to retire close to the ocean and California was out of our budget. Read More