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Small Meals are Special! Why I Love Cooking for One or Two People

By Deby Hogue July 14, 2022 Lifestyle

Sometimes cooking for one or two seems like a real bother. Many of us have been cooking for four or more people our whole lives. So to cook for just ourselves sometimes is, well, not fun. Take heart, and I am talking literally about our hearts and bodies for that matter.

Cooking at home from fresh ingredients is one of the best things we all can do for ourselves. It really can be easy and fun. Anything you make at home, be it french fries or a steak is going to be better than going out for fast food or even a restaurant. We can control the salt and all the ingredients that we choose to use. Although we all need to go out now and then to treat ourselves, that’s for sure.

Cook Like a Grandma, Some of Us Are Anyway

Grandma’s meals always seemed so comforting. Grandma Marie, my husband’s grandma, was the woman who taught me to cook. She sure could make me hungry, just by talking about the food she was planning to cook for the next day.

Her meals were always for one person – herself. Marie would make pasta or a steak and it always looked so good. I was so inspired by her. Her meals were simple and healthy. She would also freeze the leftovers for another day.

That’s the day you really don’t want to cook and you remember you have a frozen stuffed bell pepper in the freezer. You remember that you had made two and froze one. Delicious!

Make a Meal for Two People

You don’t always have to eat alone! Invite a friend over for dinner and take out those pretty plates you keep in the cupboard. Look online for easy recipes or look up meals for one or two people. That’s what I do sometimes. Or just cut your recipes for four, in half. Keep it simple and make it look appetizing.

Get Creative with Simple Chicken Recipes

You can get creative with fast and easy chicken recipes. For example, cook a whole chicken and shred some of meat. Freeze in a baggie. One day, you might be in the mood for a Chicken Taco Salad. Just bake a tortilla in an oven safe bowl, add a little bit of beans, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and olives.

Then take out some of that chicken from the freezer and put on top. Serve on those pretty plates. Your friend will be impressed with your skills. Oh, and the pretty plates too!

Some Inspiration from the Jungle

Here are some ideas that are simple and on my site Most of the things I cook are just for Chuck and I.

  • Mac and Cheese, Grandma Marie’s recipe, cut the recipe in half
  • 1 or 2 Pork Chops deglazed with rum
  • Taco Salad, in a baked flour tortilla
  • Breakfast Potatoes for 2, with fried eggs on top
  • Enchilada Casserole
  • Focaccia and a glass of wine or beer
  • Fried Egg on Polenta with Kale and Mushrooms
  • Eggplant Parmesan with Ricotta and Mozzarella for 2, with leftovers you can freeze
  • Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff, cut this recipe in half
  • Beer Batter Zucchini Fries, you just need a glass of wine or beer

Here’s a picture of my favourite Taco Salad, I used ground beef and all the toppings.

Deby Hogue picture 1

Here is an Eggplant Parmesan I love to cook. I put a little pesto on top before it was baked. This is a small casserole dish.

Deby Hogue picture 2

Here is some Polenta cooked with kale and fried egg.

Deby Hogue picture 3

These are just a few of the healthy eating ideas I suggest. You can cook these recipes for two people or enjoy them alone. If you have a recipe you would like for me to try out, just let me know. I am up for a challenge. Are you?

Do you like to prepare special dishes just for one or two people? Even if you are eating alone, do you try to eat a healthy and creative dish? What is your favourite recipe for one or two people?

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