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Friends Got the Fall Blues? Warm Them Up with These Comfort Foods

By Deby Hogue October 25, 2016 Health and Fitness

Fall is in the air. At this time of year, I think about comfort foods – coffee cakes and small sweets to have with a nice cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon.

I dream about sitting by a fire, or looking out a window on a cold day. But alas, I remember that I am in Costa Rica.

It’s hot and humid and oh so green right now. We are almost at the end of our rainy season. It’s raining today, so mentally I am thinking about a coffee cake. But it’s 80 degrees out and I’ll bake outside, as I always do.

Please check out my recipe for Hand Pies, Pumpkin and Lemon.


Fall Comfort Foods – It’s All About the Feeling

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make us happy. Tea and cake with a friend, or coffee and a slice of pie. It doesn’t matter which one. It’s just the time spent together and the goody of course.

Anytime is a good time to break out the baking sheets and cake pans and have a get-together.

It’s about the enjoyment of making something yourself that you can share with someone else. I love the feeling of thankfulness from a friend or family member when I make something they love. I give most of my goodies away to neighbours and friends. For me, it’s the joy of making and the fun of baking the dessert. It relaxes me; I love the feel of this dough. It’s soft and fun to cut and twist into shape. That’s the best part.

Please check out my recipe for Apple Pecan Cinnamon Bread Beauty.


Don’t Let Them Eat Cake – Every Day!

Trust me, I am not saying eat cake every day. However, I am saying that a little bit of this or that (in moderation of course) is a simple and lovely way to enjoy an afternoon with a friend. It’s gives a wonderful opportunity to talk about how lucky we are to still have a slice of life left to talk about.

I hope you can find a recipe you love somewhere, even if it’s not on my blog. Try it out, experiment with it. Make it your own by changing the ingredients to something you might like. At my age, I have found that nothing is set in stone.

For me, food is to be enjoyed. Now I am about enjoyment for me and my husband Chuck. So have fun with it and hopefully you can tell me about your baking experience.

Break Bread Together

If it’s not sweets you want, why not try your hand at simple bread making? This is an easy way to start. It makes you very feel happy and accomplished at baking. Needless to say, your friends and family will be happy about the smell and love coming from your kitchen. This is true comfort.

Please check out my recipe for No Knead Crusty Bread.

no knead crusty bread

What are your favourite comfort foods? Do you love to cook for family and friends? What are some of your specialties? Please join the conversation and share your recipes and ideas for using food as a way to show your love.

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