Diane Koller has been a newspaper reporter, social worker, and cocktail waitress. Since her 20s, she has been curious about aging. Diane has an adventurous spirit, viewing most of what life throws her way as a possible escapade. She has retained her social work soul and loves helping others.

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6 months ago

My Not So Normal Adventures in Mental Health

When Prozac first hit the marketplace, I asked my psychotherapist if he thought it could help. “Probably not,” he said, “as it would do nothing for your core abandonment issues.” My mother committed suicide when I was nine, after years of struggling…

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7 months ago

Do I Really Want to Date Again?

When I am single, I reflexively sign up for a dating app, or three. Why would I ever want my flirting skills to get rusty? I don’t know about all of you, but for me it’s soothing and fun to peruse profiles, kind of like going to a cocktail party where you know…

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8 months ago

Help! My Relationship Has Been Storyboarded After a Breakup!!!

At one time I felt that Jonathan, aka Darth Vader, was the “Man of My Dreams” – my “last lover” (and exactly how many “lovers” do I wish to accumulate? Not too many is the hope…). Weird how one can believe in fairytale romance…

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9 months ago

How to Love a Friend Before and After a Facelift

I am lucky enough to have a BFF who is gorgeous, generous, loving, and ever so much fun. She has a successful business as a healthcare provider, a speaker, and author. In my eyes, her only fault is driving a gleaming black, late model Mercedes, which I secretly refer…

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10 months ago

If Age Is Just a Number, Doesn’t That Mean I Can Lie About It on a Dating App?

I think I know what you are thinking, and part of me agrees. People really should not begin relationships with lies. Usually, lies taint relationships rather irrevocably. Moreover, is one not capitulating to ageism to fudge on this basic truth?

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