Diane Lansing, RN, enjoys working part-time as a corporate wellness nurse. She has over 25 years of experience in geriatric nursing, and her passion is working with residents of memory care units. She loves volunteering at nursing homes and blogs about her experiences at NursingHomeVolunteer.com.

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1 month ago

Preventative Health Screenings: Are They Right for Me?

You’ve probably received them in the mail. Those colorful flyers from companies that advertise a variety of preventative health screenings. I used to think they were scams and immediately tossed the flyers into the wastebasket…

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1 month ago

Why Incontinence Is Not a Normal Part of Aging

Have you noticed how many ads on television promote the use of products for bladder control problems? And do you realize that nearly all of these ads are directed at women, even though many men experience bladder leakage, too?

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2 months ago

6 Solutions to a Common, Yet Embarrassing Problem

We joke about it. Sometimes we’re embarrassed by it. But we all do it, so we might as well talk about it. I’m referring to something that goes by a variety of names: gas, flatus, wind, farts. You all know what I mean!

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3 months ago

Is a Bridge Job Right for You Before Retirement?

There was a time when I felt sure that I would continue working until age 70 or beyond. In fact, I often joked that one day I would simply resign from my job at the nursing home where I worked as an RN and move myself into the assisted living…

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8 months ago

5 Ingenious Ways to Monitor and Protect Your Precious Skin After 60

As we reach our 60s, we begin to notice a lot of major changes in our skin. We discover age spots, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Some women embrace these skin changes as signs of a long and active life, while others turn to all sorts of products to hide…

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9 months ago

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Feet After 60 

Did you know that by the time we reach age 50 the average person has taken enough steps to equal walking around the entire world three times? No wonder our feet are tired! After all these years of faithful service, our feet need extra love and care…

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2 years ago

6 Ways to Protect Your Precious Eyes as You Age

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” Our eyes and the vision that comes with them are a precious gift…

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3 years ago

5 Ways to Raise More Compassionate Grandchildren

We all hope to see our grandchildren grow up to be happy, healthy, productive and compassionate adults. The part about compassion becomes a huge challenge in today’s world where media frequently spews out negativity and prods us to criticise others. Read More

4 years ago

6 Tips You Can Use to Help Your Grandchildren Unplug

The other day I was stunned by a news report I saw on TV. It described a month-long camp where parents can send their kids to unplug when they’ve become addicted to screen time. What?! Read More

4 years ago

4 Unusual Signs of Dementia That Most Older Adults Miss

Many women over the age of 60 express concerns about the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Will it affect me someday? Or will it affect someone I love? What are the signs I should watch for? Read More