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Jane Duncan Rogers, author of Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan, is founder of not-for-profit They run an online Licensed End of Life Plan Facilitators training program, and provide products and courses to help people make a good end of life plan.

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6 years ago

3 Ways to Deal with the “If Only’s” and “What If’s” After 60

Sylvia was distraught. “If only I had noticed the extent to which he was in pain! I mean, if I had noticed, then I could have insisted he went to the doctor earlier. What if I had done that? If only I had! He might still be alive and with me today.” Read More

6 years ago

3 Positive Ways to Embrace and Express Your Emotions After 60

“Brilliant! I would never have thought I could have had so much laughter about this subject!” Mhairi giggled as she left the workshop room, hugging me to say goodbye. Read More

7 years ago

Don’t Wait! Here Are 7 Crucial Reasons to Write Your Life Story, Right Now

Looking at my Dad lying in the hospital bed, unable to talk due to the recent stroke he’d had, I could only be thankful that some years ago we took the time to have a particular conversation. Read More

7 years ago

3 Things to Do When You’re Afraid of Losing Your Spouse

My greatest fear as the years went by was that my spouse might die first. Having had no children, the thought of my husband dying first and me being left alone in the world was something I simply couldn’t bear. Read More