Jane Duncan Rogers, author of Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan, is founder of not-for-profit www.beforeigosolution.com. They run an online Licensed End of Life Plan Facilitators training program, and provide products and courses to help people make a good end of life plan.

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16 hours ago

7 Practical Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Good Death

I never thought about death much, other than as a concept, until my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Now, as I enter my 60th year, I’m very aware of the juxtaposition of life and death. It is simply impossible to have one without the other…

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1 month ago

How Can I Get My Family to Let Me Go?

It was a plaintive voice. From someone who knows they are dying, but whose family can’t accept the fact. Perhaps that’s your situation – when you are 60+, because we have lived more years than we are probably going to live, it does happen that people…

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2 months ago

Who Do I Leave My Belongings to If I Have No Children?

“Who do I leave my belongings to?” is one of the most common questions amongst those who are childless, who are estranged from their children for some reason, or whose children live on the other side of the world. Bethany, aged 70, has never had children…

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5 months ago

3 Tips on How to Talk with Someone Who Is Dying

Sylvia was becoming more and more frail. It was clear that, though in good spirits, her body was nearing the end of life. She kept having visits to the hospital and had recently had a fall which had precipitated one of these. As women 60 and over, we will often…

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7 months ago

5 Things You Need to Know About Advance Directives

Marie’s son was distraught. He had told his mother he would have the doctors do everything they could – but now they were saying that they didn’t know how long she would be able to breathe on her own without the tube, nor did they know…

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12 months ago

The 3 A’s of Living a Life of Joy After 60

It took me quite some time to pluck up the courage and try internet dating after my husband died. At first, even the thought of it was horrifying, and my first visit to a dating site ended after just a minute or so. Read More

1 year ago

The Unintended Consequences of Leaving Without a Will

We all know that writing a will is a good idea, but many of us never find the time to get around to it. “I’m too young. I don’t have anything to leave behind. I’ll set my affairs in order.” These are all statements many of us have used to procrastinate creating a will, or refute the idea altogether. Read More

1 year ago

Love-Giver or Love-Taker? 3 Tips for a Healthy Personality Balance Beyond 60

Diane was a practitioner in a complementary health clinic. She always seemed to have a smile for everyone. Sitting on reception, I would notice that she was one of the therapists who always had a full client list…

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1 year ago

3 Tips for Helping Your Dying Loved One Make End-of-Life Plans

Maria and Arthur are coming towards the end of their lives. They are a couple I know, who raised four children, had vibrant and dynamic careers at the prime of their lives, lived in different countries and made a very positive and significant contribution to the world in various ways. Read More

1 year ago

Stay at Home or Go to Hospital: Difficult Decision Documentation

It was on the one hand, a terribly difficult decision to make. On the other, it felt like there was no other option. My husband had been suffering with stomach cancer for the best part of a year…

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